Deadly Ideology

The apple did not fall far from the tree in the Paul family.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A senator who opposes federal regulation on philosophical grounds is single-handedly blocking legislation that would strengthen safety rules for oil and gas pipelines, a bill that even the pipeline industry and companies in his own state support.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul's opposition to the bill hasn't wavered even after a gas pipeline rupture last week shook people awake in three counties in his home state of Kentucky. [...]

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee approved the bill in May without opposition. It would authorize more federal safety inspectors, and pipeline companies would have to confirm that their records on how much pressure their pipelines can tolerate are accurate.

Under the bill, federal regulators could order that automatic shutoff valves be installed on new pipelines so leaks can be halted sooner. And it directs regulators to determine whether mandatory inspections of aging pipelines in densely populated areas should be expanded to include lines in rural areas. It would be paid for by industry fees.

Pipeline operators would be required to provide accurate levels of pressure tolerance and install shutoff valves in case of leaks or explosions? How rude! The industry cannot possibly tolerate this encroachment of Big Government!

Except it can. In fact, the industry supports the bill. So why does Rand Paul object? Just because.

These regulations could actually save lives, but because of his paranoid delusions ideology, Senator Rand Paul just says no.

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  • bphoon

    This guy is the worst kind of ideologue. He apparently thinks that he and he alone has the answer to pretty much everything. He applies his “philosophical” litmus test to policy provisions that, like this one, are no-brainers and could very well carry life-and-death implications and doesn’t appear to give two shits about the effects of his obstruction on real people who live in his real state. It’s painfully obvious to me that he couldn’t care less about the lives of the people his policy proscriptions (yes, I meant to spell it that way) effect. He’s the last guy I’d want working on my eyes, I can tell you that…hell, I wouldn’t let him work on my dog’s eyes. I wouldn’t let him work on my worst enemy’s eyes…

  • D_C_Wilson

    Obviously, we don’t need emergency shutoff valves. Not if the pipes are made of Rearden Steel!

    • mrbrink


    • IrishGrrrl

      There have been some great posts by bloggers lately about how Libertarian’s are always more concerned with theoretical threats to liberty than they are about REAL consequences to REAL people. This is another perfect example of that. Here’s a post that made me cheer out loud about libertarian objections to affirmative action in CA colleges —