I Got Mine. Screw The Rest Of You.

Where in Fox News hosts Bill O The Clown and Brit Hume don't even pretend to give a shit about income inequality in the United States.

Bill O'Reilly isn't buying President Obama's push for the wealthiest Americans to pay their "fair share." In fact, "it's really starting to annoy" him.

"I just think the whole thing is bogus," O'Reilly said on his show Monday. And worse, Democrats just want to "take from people who have," he said. "They believe that's moral and that's right."

Fox News analyst Brit Hume agrees, saying that Democrats want to close the income inequality gap in order to create a more "just society."

"Sometimes it can appear that the Democrats -- some Democrats -- would rather have everyone equally poor than unequally rich," Hume said. "That's obviously an exageration on my part, but you do that get that sense because of their obsession with this question of inequality. If (income) inequality is at a very much higher level, who cares?"

Democrats want to create a more "just society?"

The audacity! The hubris! The... wait, what?

How is creating a more just society a bad thing? Wouldn't it be the patriotic thing to do to care that the United States is behind all of Europe and even some African countries in income inequality? Or would you rather just stick your fingers in your ears and say "na na na I can't hear you America FUCK YEAH!"

This is a classic example of "I got mine. Screw the rest of you." And it's a classic example of the disconnect between the political class in America and the average American.

O'Reilly and Hume are both millionaires and they report to you in a manner that benefits millionaires. Many hosts and analysts on CNN and MSNBC also have a conflict of interest when it comes to reporting the news, because they're all millionaires, but at Fox News they don't even try to appear to care about the little people. Doing so would be an affront to their strict editorial policy of kicking people who are already down and may even garner them an accusation of turning liberal.

With that said, I'm perfectly okay with being accused of wanting a more "just society." They can accuse President Obama of wanting to take from the haves and give to the have-nots all they way. Shout it from the rooftops, please. The polls clearly demonstrate the majority of Americans are ready for that. They want tax hikes on the rich.

  • ElayneB

    I get so sick of this constant notion that we’re gonna take money from the rich and just hand it out to the poor. Um, no, we’re gonna build roads and fix crumbling bridges, and fund our military. All of which the rich and the poor equally benefit from.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Elayne, good point. The rich frequently bitch about taxes but never EVER praise the ways in which they benefit from them. And they do, just like everyone else.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Lot’s of good points in the comments but I didn’t see one (maybe I missed it) I find very important. Many of the middle-to-lower income people (especially here in the south where I grew up and live) that agree with these asshats do so because they truly believe that the only people relying on the government assistance are lazy and mostly brown.

  • trgahan

    The sad irony here is that the Tea Party is those who were convinced wealth would follow their hard work, but they find themselves barely scraping by at middle age or older and someone convinced them that entitled minorities are the reason.

  • Clusterpuck

    I think Mr. Ashby, and some of the commenters, are mistaken.

    I don’t think either Mr. O’Reilly nor Mr. Hume understand the words they bandy about. They have no clue what the terms “income inequality” or “Just society” actually mean.

  • jmby

    I’ve personally witnessed Hume smarming around his very expensive tennis club in Middleburg, Virginia, and there is no doubt in my mind that a) he firmly believes he’s better than others and b) he’s a douche. I’ve never seen him treat a club employee kindly, or even smile at a single person – member or employee. The guy has a perpetual look of ” I smell farts” on his face, and it’s so obvious that he has insulated himself from a world where people are different from him in any way. The fact that struggling people can consider themselves Republican is perplexing only until you realize those poor, delusional working stiffs are pathetic enough to imagine the exclusive horse and tennis clubs are not only within their reach, but that they’d ever be accepted at them. Or that even belonging to the White, Old, Rich and Drunk Guy Club is worth it.

  • bphoon

    The Republican Party has been promoting the “I Got Mine So Fuck Everyone Else” economic philosophy for decades. It springs from Randian fantasies. The rich are rich because they work hard and therefore deserve everything they have (and a good deal they never earned) and the poor are just too lazy to be rich. Government only exists to benefit the rich and enable them in figuring out ways in which they can soak the rest of us for more money with which they’ll buy more politicians. They’re in collusion.

    Believe it or not, we do have strength in numbers but it takes mobilizing to get the message out and being relentless in calling a liar and liar and in pointing out the myriad examples of Republican hypocrisy whenever and wherever it exists–and it’s all around us as we all well know.

    As for listening to the American People, here is your typical Republican:

  • agrazingmoose

    Obama chided Bill’O regarding this point during his campaign. Bill’O was really taken aback.

  • Theresa ‘Darklady’ Reed

    This is very much the not-so-hidden message of fiscal libertarianism and one of the reasons I left the party after having run for office twice on its ticket.

    While these same people would likely prefer us to not have anything to do with any other country, they also seem to have a tendency to think paternally about those other countries. The philosophy goes something like this:

    Of course they need our help. We’re the United States, where hard work is rewarded with material wealth and only the lazy are poor or economically disadvantaged.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    They just can’t resist equating income level with personal character.

    The other day, I posted my standard “pity the rich, resent the poor” meme over on HuffPo. One response I got was, “pity the lazy, resent the achievers.” I thanked the person/paid troll for proving my point.

    O’Reilly talked about “taxing achievement” in his rant the other night, saying he might just pack up and stop “achieving” if his taxes go up. (Boo frickity hoo. You promise, Bill? Pinky-swear?) Usually I have to remind people that people are not taxed, income is taxed, but in this case the idea that anyone is “taxing achievement” really takes the cake.

    It never ceases to astonish me how huge swaths of the American population actually feel sorry for people who might have to settle for “only” a few hundred thousand in after-tax income; who struggle to feed their families on “only” $200,000 of their take-home pay, per year, five times the pre-tax income of the average American. Not only that, but these people expect us to feel sorry for them, they demand that we feel sorry for them because if we don’t, they’ll just take their millions and go home.

    The self-congratulation and resentment that permeate the American Right™ are usually on full display when talking about taxation; all those highly-charged buzzphrases about “confiscation of wealth” and “punishing success” and all that execrable nonsense that reveals nothing other than a deliberate misunderstanding of the law, of the purpose and function of taxation, and the meaning of an organized, lawful society.

    And here’s the most ironic part of all: For all the braying the Right™ does about their fear of “communism­,” this is exactly how real communist revolution­s get started; when the rich become too rich, when the political leaders act solely and exclusivel­y on their behalf, and the masses are ignored and left to suffer on their own until they get fed up, recognize their strength in numbers, and throw out the oligarchs.

    Read the first two chapters of “Animal Farm” again. It does not bode well for our future when our government and its laws and policies exist only to make the rich richer at the expense of everyone else. The Right™ may be unwittingl­y bringing about the thing that it fears the most.

    I, for one, am so ready for this fight. At the end of the day, even six-figure earners represent a very small segment of the population, not to mention millionaires and billionaires. They may have purchased the government, purchased one of our two major parties and a good many members of the other, and purchased a slew of laws and policies, but they still get only one vote apiece.

  • MrDHalen

    What I find amazing, are the poor Americans sitting on their couch in their trailer home or apartment watching Fox News and agreeing with O’Reilly and Hume about this.

    To be a poor or jobless Republican, is to be mentally ill.

    • D_C_Wilson

      It works because a large number of Americans truly believe that they are just one brilliant idea or winning lottery ticket away from becoming rich themselves. Therefore, they vote to cut their own throats economically.

      The other thing is, I keep thinking of animal from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe that was genetically bred to want to be eaten. That’s what Fox “News” has done to the American middle class. We’re not only letting the rich rob us blind, but we’re thanking them for it.

    • muselet

      To be a poor or jobless Republican, is to be mentally ill.

      I never had much use for the show, but long ago I came upon an episode of Will & Grace. The title characters were, surprise surprise, bickering about something inconsequential; Will said something slightly offbeat, and Grace said, “That’s weird.” He replied, “That’s not weird. Gay Republicans are weird.”

      Same basic thought, just in (poorly remembered) sitcom format.


    • Beth Still

      Add to that: a woman, a gay person, a black person, an Hispanic person, a PERSON WITH A BRAIN