Just as the Sunday morning talking-head shows are no friend to Democrats even at times when Democrats hold majorities in congress, they aren't a friend to Labor either even when its Labor Day.

Teamsters's President Jim Hoffa was the only person affiliated with a labor organization on a Sunday political talk show. Hoffa appeared on CNN's State of the Union calling Apple Inc. and other American businesses "unpatriotic" for placing jobs overseas instead of in America.

NBC's Meet the Press, CBS' Face The Nation, ABC's This Week, and Fox News' Sunday did not have any person of labor representation on their shows.

There is no liberal media. Only a corporate media. Corporations are only liberal as far as it suits their interests. There is a well-defined cut-off point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

    There are liberal reporters, but they are overruled by their conservative editors, program directors or publishers. Eventually, if they submit too many ‘liberal’ (i.e. factual) stories, they are eased out on some other pretext. (“An excellent reporter, but he/she just didn’t fit with the new direction we were taking.”) The lesson of Dan Rather and the Bush AWOL story has also not been lost on our press gang — as well as fearing the loss of access, there’s no percentage in pursuing a story, no matter how truthful, against a powerful Republican. It’s a career-ender and your corporately-owned network, station, newspaper or magazine will not go to bat to defend you. Obama and the Dems, meanwhile, are fair game, as long as it’s written or broadcast in the familiar “critics call the president’s plan…” or “some have accused the Democrats of…” mode of framing. What’s worse is that even established scientific fact has been subjected to the ‘he said, she said’ monster, and the GOP wins whenever there’s a question raised, or further debate required, no matter what the topic. “Most scientists agree that a bullet fired into your head can kill you, but there are those who think more study and debate is required of this hot-button issue with so many controversial political overtones.” Welcome to Bizarro World! As George Orwell wrote: “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

  • mrbrink

    It’s a national tragedy that the media’s obsessively fixated view of the state of the American economy is the fucking Dow.

    The Union leaders are telling it like it is. Leo Gerard, Richard Trumka, Andy Stern, John Sweeney…on and on. I hear them all the time.

    Broadcast media is a powerful tool for corporations to do what all these union leaders will tell you they have done and are doing to worker and consumer protections around the world. And having on Jim Hoffa, to me, is really just to remind people of a period of stigmatized figure heads in American labor movement history. And Hoffa spits the truth, too. I don’t trust the corporate media’s psychology in presenting only Hoffa as the day’s voice.

    But any labor leader’s voice is welcome.

    And this sort of goes with an earlier post from Bob about the decline in wages paralleled with a decrease in union membership: With unions out of the way, multinational corporations that make up the precious, precious DOW have all the power and when that happens, the race to the bottom has no impediment.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’d say there is a liberal media (or, perhaps to be more grammatically correct, there are liberal media), but there is no “The Liberal Media™”. Even if there was a The Liberal Media™ in 1974, there is not one today.

    • ranger11

      It’s the one thing liberals and conservatives can agree on. Media sucks. Although I don’t know what they have to complain about anymore. They got Fox and a complete corporate media.