Open Thread

Something Is Trickling Down

Artist - Jimmy Margulies

In other news, after briefly holding the re-authorization of the FAA hostage again, Senator Tom Coburn (R) gave into pressure from colleagues and agreed to drop his filibuster. Coburn was protesting the re-authorization because it includes funds for planting trees and creating bike-paths at airports. Really.

  • Rick Janes

    I thought it was another typical regressive filibuster to get rid of a union, but Reagan already did that in the case of our airports. Tom Coburn plays the Bill O’Reilly game: say or do something sane occasionally to make the crazy go down easier and confuse the opposition. Coburn will care about what happens to the country the day Michele Bachmann wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Sweet Chunks

    cue the “Caver Coburn”, “Cut-N-Run Coburn” banter for the next three weeks on cable news. Ugh.

    scratch that, just noticed the R after his name, nevermind. He’ll be fine. Prolly a hero to somebody. Reaganesque.

  • Fred

    Senate rules assume the members are gentlemen and would not do ungentlemanly things.

    Until the Tea Party appeared with no regard to gentle behavior, where rules are for the rubes, not for the Holy Rollers and the High Lords of Finance.

    American democracy needs a tune up.