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The Dignity of Work

Artist - Pat Bagley

In other news, Fox is very troubled that NBC will be excluding Buddy Roemer, Thaddius McCotter, and Gary Johnson from their Republican presidential debate even though Fox didn't include them either. Woops!

  • Lexamich

    Ha, ha.

    FNC doesn’t have to keep track of the stupid shit it does.

    YOU LOSE!!!


  • mrbrink

    A couple weeks ago I began doing a little research into the history of the NLRB(National Labor Relations Board) and the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, as well as right wing efforts to historically undermine and weaken the National Labor Relations Act which established the NLRB and its worker-protection functions.

    FDR’s first appointment to the board, J. Warren Madden, would have been condemned by today’s knee jerk left seeing as how he had no previous experience with labor law. He turned out all right.

    But George W. Bush left debilitating vacancies on the board and the Supreme Court had to intervene in 2010 ruling that those vacancies were unconstitutional. So Obama appointed and nominated several pro-union labor men and women to fill the vacancies, continuing his fairly pro-union march toward structural reinforcement of labor in America. Yeah, he didn’t put on his Chicago shoes to stand in solidarity in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, etc. He was busy strengthening organized labor’s position within government– the place where labor has been historically shut out and attacked as Communists.

    It’s funny, though, how you look at a douche like Darrell Issa holding up the NLRB’s investigations into Boeing moving operations from union plants to non-union and it’s the same shit different century for Conservatives and Republicans. It’s like, their fathers attacked labor and the NLRB and their fathers did it, and now their kids are doing it. It really is a generational right wing birthright to oppose unions and worker rights, or democracy in the workplace.

    If you dig a little, you’ll find that The American Liberty League, one of the country’s first fascist unions of corporations which conspired to overthrow FDR in a Smedley Butler led military coup, were right there at the beginning opposing the establishment and fulfillment of the role of the NLRB. They’re not the American Liberty League anymore, they are the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce, Freedom Works, Americans For Prosperity, American Crossroads, American Enterprise Institute, CATO, Heritage Foundation, etc.

    But I eventually found myself reviewing members of the Federal Appeals courts and ended up in the First Circuit where I found a senior judge still hanging around after Obama had replaced him with Ojetta R. Thompson.

    Nicole, remember that link I posted to the story about Obama lighting the candle for Archbishop Romero? This is the Obama I know. The one who fills vacancies left behind by right wing presidents with pro-labor appointments and nominations. The one who takes shit from loud mouth lefties for being a corporate shill. The one doing all the structural work building a defense in government for worker’s rights. The one getting very little credit for standing in solidarity where it counts– government bureaucracy and their watch dogs. The president has brought change to government’s role in protecting labor. He’s the most ideologically leftist president we have ever seen. He’s just “cool” about it. Like that guy who shows up to the pot party wearing a pot leaf shirt is uncool, the guy lighting the candle in a quiet ceremony for a victim of right wing death squads and following up with pro-labor appointments is cool.

    But this senior right wing judge appointed by Reagan, Bruce M. Selya, indirectly introduced me to a word he applies in his arguments which I hadn’t heard before:

    Lexiphanicism: Archaic. 1. the use of excessively learned and bombastic terminology.

    And this is where you have to go as a right wing zealot to continue to make arguments that write the death sentences for organized labor and worker and consumer protections.

    As a right wing justice or legislator, you really have to dress up the crazy these days to sound reasonable and intelligent. It’s like, “sure, abolishing unions and protections for Americans is insane, but they make such fancy arguments and now I don’t know what to think!”

    • Rick Janes

      It’s the truth, mrbrink, and the reason the GOP pays big bucks to polling ‘lexicographers’ like Frank Luntz to think up attractive euphemisms for the ruthless operation and lethal results of unregulated modern ‘crapitalism.’ Thanks also for the background on Obama and the NLRB appointments.

  • jjasonham

    Has anyone seen the pictures of the President walking around with Gov. Christie while examining the parts of NJ hit by Irene? Couldn’t be a clearer contrast in who has more “presidential material”.

    • nicole

      For real.

      • jjasonham

        These were the ones I saw on the White House blog. You can just sense who they gravitated toward. It’s more than just his office, it’s his nature.

        • nicole

          yes. Agreed.