Open Thread


Artist - Bob Englehart

In other news, a majority of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, support President Obama's proposed "buffet rule" which would require millionaires and billionaires to pay an alternative minimum tax.

  • Alex0001

    That cartoon could also work with “Sure you can get in the boat……for 10,000 dollars and my vote.”

  • mrbrink

    66% of Republicans support President Obama’s proposal. They should. It’s a decent proposal.

    What the hell is wrong with these people, though? How can their collective disapproval of the president be justified anymore? Or their blind objection to the Democratic party? These are our policies. This is what MY party’s leadership is promoting in the marketplace of ideas. The GOP proposes the exact opposite and then some.

    It’s obvious, now. They refuse to acknowledge who the president really is, and the media refuses to acknowledge this inconsistency.

    Right wing marketing is a disease. You have to have an infected brain if you’re part of that 66% of Republican voters who 100% disapprove of President Obama.

    They need to stop their partisan insanity. It’s all bullshit and this poll demonstrates their dangerous, comical lack of self-awareness and reality-disconnect.

    And it’s time for Republican voters to hold their representatives accountable for perpetuating the lies that formulate this baseless partisan divide.

    Me? I’ll go on supporting the party that better resembles American values and promotes people like Barack Obama who promotes ideas supported by a great majority of Americans.

    And everyone else can go on living in some alternate America where Barack Hussein Obama wants to take away our guns, bring about Sharia law, and bankrupt our white culture and heritage.

    66% of Republican voters could make a positive difference if they ever decided to let go of their resolute partisanship.

    It’s them. It’s not us. Only one side is so utterly full of shit they actually agree with the very person they mock and deride.

    • bphoon

      I flatly reject the equivalency meme. Yes, some Democrats live off of corporate money. Yes, some Democrats pander to the extreme elements of their party. Yes some Democrats blindly represent their largest donors rather than the constituents who vote them into office.

      However, the Democratic Party as a whole has no litmus test for purity; we’re truly a big tent. The Democratic Party promotes policy ideas that are geared toward trying to create a better life for our society as a whole. The Democratic Party at least tries to tell the truth most of the time. The Democratic Party has no propaganda arm masquerading as a cable news channel.

      We aren’t the same as the other guys. We at least try to make shit work for the betterment of the whole rather than the very few.