The 'No Attacks' Myth Lives On

Frank Luntz lying about the Bush legacy on terrorism: "Yes [9/11] allows us to appreciate George Bush And Dick Cheney For Keeping Us Safe."

How can anyone possibly say this?! The biggest terrorist attack on American soil which occurred during the Bush/Cheney presidency is a reminder that they kept us safe?! In fact, they kept us less safe than anyone since the British invasion during the War of 1812! 3,000 American civilians died on their watch, and in subsequent months and years, the nation was gripped in fear of more attacks, while thousands of Americans were being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kept us safe?

(I've covered this topic extensively here, at the Huffington Post and in my book.)

  • TalkieToaster2

    Fox Business, the channel literally nobody watches.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

    Frank, remember the August 6, 2001, PDB the CIA handed to Bush on the golf course, “Bin Laden Determined to Attack in U.S.”? Recall the Crawford Dauphin’s dismissive reaction? “Okay, you’ve covered your ass.” Is that what you mean when you say Junior and Cheney kept us safe? You might even call Bush’s role in 9/11 a form of negligent homicide. Presidents have been impeached for less.

  • Lexamich

    Why are they discussing 9/11 with this glorified dork anyway?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

      Because Frank Luntz runs messaging for the GOP. ‘Death Taxes,’ ‘Death Panels,’ ‘Clean Air Act,’ ‘Job Creators,’ all emanated from Luntz’s twisted brain or one of his minions. Luntz, along with Karl Rove, is responsible for screwing up our country, and our media perceptions of reality, by his false ‘framing’ of the issues, echoed by the Right-Wing Media Machine. He invents the Talking Points, and the phony outrages, that the regressives exploit for votes and money. Let’s give credit where credit is due, even to a sociopathic monster like Luntz; it’s quite a record of accomplishment — if you don’t mind America going down the drain. And don’t think for a minute Frank actually believes the ideological crap he peddles — he’s for sale to the highest bidder and the GOP has more money. Calling him merely a ‘pollster’ is a massive understatement.

      • Lexamich

        The query was more rhetorical.

        I know Luntz.

        The fact that this spin doctor sleaze can go on the airwaves and pretend that the tragedy was not apart of an overall operation to undermine the American people and exploit the electorate is one of the greatest shames in our history.

        FNC, as a whole, is another. The fact that this…thing exists gives free reign to undermining our better angels. Everyone is more partisan now than ever before because now it is normal to blatantly disregard “the other side” because at least one “news” organization does so. Any politically-motivated consideration is possible now, no matter how destructive it is because there is always someone around to dignify or disregard political malfeasance. This is what motivates the constant disrespect President Obama receives and how the upper class now believes it’s to their benefit to disrespect the American worker. Murdoch and Ailes are going to have hell to pay for perpetrating this crime.

        Part of the blame goes to us as well. This Republicon propaganda outlet came about on our watch, and we were too blind to see the danger until it was too late. Now all were left with is either ignoring the problem, hoping it collapses under its own weight, or matching its blatant disregard for the sanctity of actual American values. One is a long wait for something that may not happen within our lifetime, if ever. The other allows the apparent moral decay to spread throughout our entire being, with our still having lost the battle against those who have no allegiance to a civil, level-headed America to begin with. One cannot beat the devil at his own game.

        With regards to those of Luntz’s ilk – hired wordsmith toadies and such – one can talk around the articles of discussion they present. The problem is the media is now in the business of pretending to be obtuse before the American people so that we all stay complacent, loyal, and quite frankly, ignorant consumers of total mediocrity.

        America may, in fact, be doomed because we’ve allowed the cancer of Republicon partisanship grow to become a dreaded hydra. It is now something that we can no longer ignore, and even the more well-meaning “conservatives” can no longer control it. It is not immortal, though. However, the hand that slays this beast must be mighty and possess the where-with-all to understand that life would be much better without such a creature.

        The American people CAN be that hand, yet we seem unwilling to accept a world without silly partisan propaganda outlets, therefore the hand suffers nerve damage.


        Doom it is then.



        Yes, Republicons are ruining the country. As much as I railed against so-called “partisanship,” I’m speaking as an observer of conduct. The party is a useless vessel full of corporate saboteurs and ignorant suck-ups and self-indulgent swine with delusions of grandeur. This is a fact. All one needs to do is listen to what they say to each other. Their parlance is the stuff of villains and henchmen, and their actions would make characters like Mumm-Ra, Skeletor, and Snidely Whiplash blush.

        You may very well be right that people like Luntz believe the words that they are saying, but that is because they’ve reinforced the lies in their minds to the point where everyone besides them have to cease talking in order for them to see that they’re not telling the truth. You have to remember that these spin doctors are hired to obscure the truth, which means someone has to initiate an honest discussion they’re meaning to disrupt with falsehoods. That’s not even getting to the fact that they also mean to provide cover for wrongdoing to begin with. What can be more villainous than denying one’s own villainy?

        Good gracious, anyone that still allies themselves with this zombie party needs to understand that they are responsible for the degradation this country now faces.

        The fact that they’ll go on to deny even the words coming from their mouths, while they attempt to blame everyone else for their own impulses proves my point.


        If people rebelled against kings, queens, despots, and warlords, surely we can rebel against a pocket of people motivated in keeping an entire country miserable for political AND personal gain.


        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

          I agree with you, Lexamich, but for two things: 1.) I don’t think Luntz, or Karl Rove for that matter, actually believe in any ideology — they’re cynically playing a game for money and power and that’s it. (BTW, people who knew Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck ‘back when’ say the same thing — they’re performing for money and have no sincere investment in what they push, except for tax cuts for the rich, since they’re both now wealthy.)

          2.) I think the whole absurd, clownish Republican mess — the Christopublican-Teabagger-Corporate-GOP Parade of Morons and Grifters — is collapsing of its own weight. Even the wordplay of Luntz and the distractions of Fox News like gay marriage can’t dispel the reality of reduced paychecks, lowered benefits and the assault on the middle-class mounted by these Randian hypocrites in the name of the top ten percent. Think of it: the GOP has to stoop to keeping the most rabid lunatics in its base happy because they have nowhere else to go for votes, and they are being led around bythe nose by charlatans like Limbaugh. That’s not strength, that’s weakness and if we had some FDR Dems on the job, you’d have ninety Dems in the senate and three-fourths of the House in Dem control. As it is, I think the GOP ‘Party of No’ nonsense, along with its excursions into tyranny in the Rust Belt states and Florida will guarantee Obama and the Dems a landslide in 2012. Then, the GOP will have to decide it if wants to be reasonable, or go the way of the Mugwumps. In a few years, I suspect ‘Republican’ will be as onerous a word as ‘liberal’ is now, and certainly not one a politician would want to wear.

          BTW, I think you might find this article interesting: “Confessions of a GOP Operative Who Left ‘the Cult’…” by Mike Lofgren.

          • Lexamich

            Thank you for that fascinating article. I’m always willing to look beyond an individual’s past indiscretions. His reactions read honest enough, but I wonder how he would carry himself had he not retired. Would he be fighting to earn a seat at the table of iniquity like the impudent, impulsive ignoble, and ignorant teabagger freshmen he singles out like so many of the “old school” standbys who’ve stuck around do nowadays?

            Yes, we do need to call out the Republicon villains, as well as the Democratic stumblebums. I’m all for calling out Democrats fucking up, but it appears some out here are doing it if only to bolster the preconceived notions of the political party that looks down on critical thinking. Many of the criticisms Democrats receive – some from supposed allies – are based on circumstances beyond any one politicians control. The article alluded to some of these, and I would think some of the more self-aggrandizing critics would be cognizant of the bigger picture.


            The Democrats some of these folks decide to target, for the most part are supposedly in collusion with the malefactors, and never had any intention of helping the party they represent. They fooled all of the people that voted for them, and now the entire party is in near-collapse. Never mind the fact that throughout 2010, half the critics were talking jive about staying home as a protest against the Democratic Party. Now, in 2012, many may be disenfranchised electorally by the teabagger Republicon reps that skated on through due to low turnout from their opposition. Yeah, the so-called “firebaggers” can kiss my ass. As a registered Independent, I know the intellectual state some of these posers attempt to channel. Some of these clowns read like pseudo-intellectual dimbulbs searching for relevance. However, more than a few read like Republicon operatives incognito, or worse freelancers that play both sides. This phenomenon is highly evident in the corporate media, a fact to which the article also alluded.

            My point of view has us all helping the Democratic Party maintain some sense of order, even if it is the lesser of two evils. I’m convinced that we the people are greater than both parties. The Democrats appear to be interested in our individuality, where the Cons are only interested in seeing us all underfoot. I’m siding with the Dems, even if they bear the stain of corporate corruption. This country is hanging on by a thread because we have people here that by all their subsequent actions appear to be fighting to keep us sane enough to remember a time when we as American could be proud of ourselves. The Cons are living in an imaginary world conjured through both avarice and malice.

            We have to find a way to defeat the scourge of modern-day Republicanism. It is no joke that it is becoming an amorphous entity that serves no purpose beyond destruction. I called it phenomenon a hydra before, but it will soon become The Blob. We need to freeze the damned thing and send it to Antartica. Rhetorically, as well as intellectually, I mean we need to call out how horrible this thing has become, damn the condemnation we’ll get from corporate media swine or those unwilling to see the truth.

            We have to destroy this blight before it destroys us.

            You optimistic that there will be a Dem landslide in 2012.


            Perhaps we’ll be right back where we were in 2009-2010.

            We have to destroy the mindset.

            These people truly are of a foul mindset. They cannot exist alongside America if it means to move forward. They are an impediment against progress. The state of mind must be rejected and/or eradicated.

            I help treat the mentally ill, so I know all the signs.

            I do not say this lightly: the Republican Party/GOP are indeed quite insane.


          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

            If the GOP nominates someone like a Rick Perry, which seems likely, I think enough people, even low-info voters, will be scared enough of this creep to vote for Obama and the Dems. Already friends in Ohio, Arizona and Florida tell me that even conservatives are asking “Who are these people? I didn’t vote for this,” regarding the Kasich, Brewer and Scott regimes. The GOP congresscritters are in even worse shape — their batshit Teabagger mentality now exposed to public view, most voters can’t wait to get rid of them.

            Of course you’re right — these Republicans are insane and, as such, more destructive to themselves than any opposition the Dems might offer.

            Yes, we must put up with the DLC and Blue Dog Dems, ten years behind the times and still chasing corporate money, but they can be replaced or changed if they see which way the wind is blowing. Consider that the Dem progressive caucus is the largest one in the House and we have some good progressive senators like Al Franken and Sherrod Brown. I think we’ll be adding to that group in 2012 as many of the Blue Dogs lost in the last election and Lieberman won’t be back.

            I’m cynical by nature, but I can’t deny what I see; the GOP is digging itself a hole too deep to be filled in 14 months and, as the outrage in various town halls in what were supposed to be ‘safe’ red districts attests, they can no longer cover up their vile plutocratic agenda. As far as the right-wing noise machine is concerned, it’s fading: Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff has said the average age of Fox News viewers is 64 and they aren’t adding a younger audience to replace the older viewers dying off; ratings have steadily declined for Limbaugh and the other radio gasbags, as well; as a radio program director has said, they also have an older audience and there are only so many ways you can scream ‘Obama is a socialist’ before people get bored and look for something else. To put it another way, the right is talking itself to death, and losing credibility along the way as reality doesn’t match up to their dire predictions

          • Lexamich

            I like the way you express your perspective on these matters.

            Yes, it does seem likely the Cons and their apparatus will die off like dinosaurs. However, the damage they will leave behind may, in fact, be irreparable. The dwindled middle class, the the mismanaged nation-building, which lead to overall cynicism regarding our standing, allowing banksters and degenerate traders to peddle junk for the sake of upholding an theoretical economic belief system, and worst of all, the all their chicanery, if not dignifying it all with the notion of a (false) deity that encourages their nonsense, and looks down on those that would ever question it.

            One almost cannot comprehend how brazen the Cons have been in the last three decades. The brazenness is only rivaled by the measure which the American electorate has cowed to the nonsense because the two sides cannot look beyond meager differences in order to come together. It would all be depressing if I were not sure the Cons are full of silly people that do not understand how absolutely silly they look promoting the idiocy. This shit HAS to catch up with them. Your comment highlights the exact thing that may lead to their destruction: their own conduct.

            Remember that Blob organism from the movie? The point of any horror flick of that nature is that the “horror” is indeed something unpleasant to be around. You want to put things into perspective, understand that people are still comfortable enough to put up with this nonsense. Yes, there are people out there hurting. Sorry to say this, but there always are, and perhaps, always will be. People looking for employment, struggling to make ends, meet, or nowhere near living comfortably. The Cons appear to scoff at these articles. It amuses them. They deride these people, as if they’re worth nothing. They’ve become so bold as to putdown “government workers” as if these people somehow don’t get up in the morning, commute to work, punch in, and work hard daily. Their words appear to come from Martians who’ve visited the planet Earth for the first time. Real people do not speak the way modern-day Republicons speak. Not if they are living in the real world. They belong in cartoons chasing around blue gnomes that sing and eat berries. They are works of fiction.

            You read up on a few of these folks, like Perry, for example, and you see that they gradually grew into becoming characters.

            These fools are about to have another “debate” tonight. Yep, they’ll say all the things they’re expected to say, and the audience will lap it up.

            Therein, lies the problem.

            Some people are enjoying the devastation and carnage until it visits them, or worse, touches them.

            The CON-stituents got a taste of that this year with that Ryan Budget and the tail-end of that “Debt Ceiling Debate,” for example. Yeah, they got nice and frightened when they heard those SSI/D checks weren’t coming and their kids in the military wouldn’t be getting paid to serve. The Cons and the complicit corporate media has to gas their heads up with nonsense about the pain not being so bad, but those of us that actually get paid through some of these -erhm – entitlements, know what was really about to go down. I had more than a few of my colleagues in and around the mental health field telling me about how their clients/patients were asking them about their insurance and such. It was not the joke the corporate media portrayed it as. It was almost the equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis in terms of economics. If only the CON-stituents knew how dangerous their reps predilections for playing Chicken truly are. They’d renounce their memberships to the cult of Republicanism and come to their senses.

            We’ll see, though, right?

  • muselet

    Frank Luntz lies …

    ‘Nuff said.


  • Ned F

    I understand Bush and Cheyney have finally killed Bin Laden too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthewmcd Matt McDaniel

    And they flatly refused to bring the man responsible for the attack to justice.

  • http://twitter.com/groobiecat Groobiecat

    Well, right. And, remember, before Bush/Cheney, there was *no* *such* *thing* as al Qaeda in Iraq. A 2007 National Intelligence Estimate report–you know, the kind those liberals at all the intelligence agencies put together–confirmed what was already intuitively known, to wit: The US presence in Iraq became a de facto recruitment tool for al Qaeada’s–thanks Bush Cheney!! That’s the kind of additional safety that we all need!

    But hey, those are facts from recent history, and we all know that those kinds of things are inconvenient to the bobble-head chattering right’s narrative.

    • Brutlyhonest

      The only terrorists in Iraq before we made it a safe place for them was the MEK. How ironic that US politicians are now providing aid and assistance to these same known terrorists.