The Only Game In Town

After months of blatant obstruction and a refusal to confirm Elizabeth Warren as the head of the new consumer protection agency, Warren withdrew her nomination to explore the idea of running for senate.

As her replacement, President Obama nominated Richard Cordray, the former Attorney General of Ohio. And as the Republicans are now clearly stating, they won't confirm him either unless their demands for cash-money, a fully-fueled jet waiting for them at the airport, and the resurrection of 8-track tapes are met.

“Opposition to or support of Mr. Cordray’s nomination will become relevant as soon as the President agrees to make the structural changes we’ve requested,” said Jonathan Graffeo, the spokesman for Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.). “Until then, Sen. Shelby and his colleagues stand firmly behind the statement they expressed in their May letter: No accountability, no confirmation.”

The "structural changes" they were demanding during the battle over Elizabeth Warren are the same changes they are demanding now -- they want the consumer protection agency rendered toothless and ineffectual.

Only after the agency is neutered will they be willing to confirm anyone for the office, because the Republicans are okay with Big Government and Big Bureaucracy as long as it has no actual power or the ability to do its job.

via ThinkProgress

  • mrbrink

    They’re directly undermining rule of law. Every single one of them. They don’t have the votes required in a democracy to overturn it, so they’re obstructing justice and the faithful execution of the law, violating their oath to the constitution in the process in a very fundamental way.

    They’ve rewritten the rules of School House Rock with the ethical and legal thrust of a madman’s magazine collage.

    They’re fucking terrorists and they have no use for American democracy.

  • adjouir

    The day we can throw Shelby and his Republican cohorts out of Congress, the better this nation will be. Hopefully, the whiny-ass Democrats (who didn’t vote last November), have finally grown up. But I won’t hold my breath.

    • Alan Fors

      Curious Mr. adjouir, how many whiny-ass Democrats who you didn’t vote for were replaced with tea party republicans? If any, does that make you feel empowered and riteous?

      • Scopedog

        Alan, I think adjour meant the Democratic voters, not the Representatives or Senators.

        “If any, does that make you feel empowered and righteous?”

        That’s something I’d like to ask people at Kos, FDL, and Salon, since most of them were pushing the “Stay home and don’t vote!” meme in 2010. You know, to “send a message” or something like that….