They Aren’t Interested

All the American people want to hear about right now is jobs, but ole Jim DeMint isn't interested in watching President Obama's speech which is going to be centered entirely around jobs and the economy.

Tea party favorite Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) said Sunday that it was going to be “hard” to watch President Barack Obama give a speech on job creation to a joint session of Congress, calling it “pandering.”

“I’m so tired of his speeches, it’s going to be hard for me to watch,” the South Carolina senator told CNN’s Candy Crowley.

It's going to be hard for Jim DeMint to watch a speech where in President Obama "panders" to the 70% of American who consider jobs to be their number one concern. Snoozefest! Boring!

Someone wake up Cranky Jim when it's over so he can continue his regular schedule of filibuster and obstruction.

  • 374elocin

    Id rather watch the footbore game. It will just be a bunch of idiotic and bankrupt ideas that will increase the deficit and debt and destroy more jobs than it creates, and impoverish more people.

    • ranger11


    • Robert Scalzi

      Go Fuck yourself, Traitor

    • incredulous72

      That’s what you WISH for, considering none of these things have happened (not because the republicans haven’t tried with all of their itty-bitty might to bring it about).

      1) BUSH impoverished this country and its inhabitants as a result of fucked up economic and foreign policy agendas, NOT Obama.
      2) The LACK of a plan by the GOP to put forth a jobs recovery plan and continuing to cut taxes on the corporations and the rich (which HAS NOT created jobs for this country) is the reason this country is still in limbo, NOT Obama.
      3) The insufficient amount of stimulus that would have put this country back on track quicker is the reason why this country is in limbo; and that insufficient amount of stimulus is a DIRECT result of the GOP bitchin’ and moanin’ about too much government spending, NOT Obama.
      4) Here’s a fucking clue, if the GOP would do the job they were elected to do, which is create legislation that will move this country FORWARD, we wouldn’t have these problems. Unfortunately, they are continuously doing the only job that they are good at: OBSTRUCTION.

  • Rick Janes

    DeMint is no doubt too busy in SC trying to set up the next false front Alvin Greene Dem candidates for the 2012 election to bother himself about the state of the economy. Whatever happens, Ol’ Jimmy Boy’s got a job and will land on his feet, and that’s all he cares about.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I’m sure DeMint will have an aide give him a summary of the President’s proposals, just so he’ll know what he’ll be opposing with his every breath.

  • mrbrink

    I’d call him “Confederate Jim,”

    I have no idea what the president is going to recommend, but I do know what Republicans want to do.

    Cut taxes for the wealthy and abolish regulatory institutions and the safety net.

    Everybody stop what you’re doing! The Republicans need your undivided attention to hear them debate their ideas on how best to cut taxes for job creators and deregulate health insurance corporations, financial institutions, polluting industries and destroy Medicare and Social Security.

    Why we still have to pretend Republicans have any idea how to do anything other than crash the economy and hurt people is one of the greatest scams in participation trophy history.

    • 374elocin

      “Cut taxes for the wealthy and abolish regulatory institutions and the safety net.”

      Heaven forbid there be an economy.

      • ranger11


      • Robert Scalzi

        Go Fuck yourself, Traitor

  • matsudaze

    Senator, if he can even be called to that, DeMint is UNAmerican.

    He is also very, very HIGHLY paid to do his job and live up to his Oath of Office, not the Oath of Norquist.

    I am sick of him disrespecting the President of the UNITED States of America.

    DeMint is an abomination to the office of a Senator. Disgraceful. Unprofessional and should not be holding or being paid to hold any office.

  • janicket

    I predict that during the President’s speech there will be a Joe Wilson/”You lie!” eruption — only this time it will be an orchestrated group explosion of disrespect for Obama; a herd of House TPers chanting “Where are the jobs?” perhaps, or a mass walkout. Something rude and contemptuous and dramatic to make the story all about them and overshadow whatever the President tries to lay out in his speech.

    You watch; something nasty and rude and vicious is going to happen during the speech. And the MSM will fall all over themselves to report that and ignore Obama’s speech itself.

    Oh, and the whole episode will be Obama’s fault, of course.

    • muselet

      Alas, you’re probably right.


    • D_C_Wilson

      I had the same thought. Joe Wilson benefited from his “You lie!” moment that I have little doubt that there are large numbers of GOPers in the House who are dying to repeat it.

      • Scopedog

        Yep. He also had an article praising him that was written by a writer who was on the Left–Dave Lindorff. His article is–well, if you can stomach it, read it:

        • ranger11

          Maybe I’m paranoid but I’m starting to think all these “Leftists” are just Nixonian ratfuckers.

          • D_C_Wilson

            Liberal bloggers (present one excluded) do seem to be the progressive movement’s worst enemies.

  • Grant Beaudette

    It’s astounding how little respect high level Republicans like DeMint hold for the office of the presidency when it’s not their guy in charge.

    What would’ve happened if Democrats tried any of the stunts Republicans have pulled over the past couple years?

    • 374elocin

      What respect did you and your goons show for Bush? hypocrites

      • ranger11


      • Robert Scalzi

        Go Fuck yourself, Traitor

      • Bob Rutledge

        Seriously, remember all those times when Congressional Democrats yelled things during Dubya’s SotU speeches? And called him a Muslim-loving traitor? Or all the times they repeatedly questioned his very citizenship?

        Oh wait.

  • rootless

    Jim is running for the “most despicable South Carolinan in Congress since Preston Brooks” award and he’s doing well.

    • horatiogalt

      Heh, I dunno, man, there have been South Carolinians in the last 140 years who have given Brooks a run for his money.

    • Scopedog

      Maybe he just hates the thought of a Black man speaking to him.

      You know what? DeMint should just get it over with and say, “I will not listen to this n****r!!” I mean, it’s what they all want to say to Obama, right?