Worst Persons in the World

Several tea party debate audience members actually cheered at the idea of someone dying from a lack of health insurance.

How do you reason with people like this? Obviously, you can't. If the "pro life" people don't object to someone dying, there's simply no way.

  • Rick Janes

    The question really should have been about a healthy 30-year-old college graduate with computer experience who can’t find a job through no fault of his own, since jobs in his profession have been exported to Asia by corporations run by Republicans, living with his retired parents because he can’t afford any other place, who doesn’t have the money for health insurance or much of anything else since his unemployment ran out. Let the heartless Teabaggers applaud this guy dying of a coma in what has become a common personal history in this country thanks to Republican ‘free trade’ policies.

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    The audience reaction reinforces my view of Repubs as “I got mine, eff you.”

    • Brian C

      The economic philosophy the GOP has been promoting for at least a couple of decades: I Got Mine So Fuck Everyone Else.

      I heard a good point regarding the 30-yr-old with no insurance and the audience cheering the prospect of him dying: no true Christian would stand by and let someone else die if they had some way to prevent it even if it was because of a bad decision on the part of the victim.

  • dildenusa

    Just like Hitler and his cronies who took the idea of racism to its logical conclusion, the tea party republic and their ilk have taken the concept of personal responsibility to its logical conclusion. A healthy young person between the age of 25 – 40 who makes good money but chooses not to purchase medical insurance for themselves and their family and then has a catastrophic illness or accident should not be forced to crawl under a rock and die. And even having insurance in today’s market is no guarantee of avoiding bankruptcy since that person could simply be dropped from the insurance and would never be able to get insurance again ever.

    The idea that medical care can be left to the profit motive of a free market is more of the same bullshit the tea party republic is taking to its logical conclusion. Please tell me, what doesn’t the tea party republic not understand, that profiting off of someone’s suffering is a criminal act? It has nothing to do with politics or economics. It has everything to do with a pathological society that has lost its way.

  • Jimmy Abraham

    The person in the given scenario, a healthy 30 year-old with a good job and CHOOSES not to get health care would fit the role, perfectly, of a Randian/Paul-TP supporter. I find it interesting/noble that “socialist” (who are ideological against this person) would like to see the person get a mulligan for a poor decision. I find it awful those most like him don’t want him to get treatment. They expect “it won’t happen to me.” But They would be the first ones changing their mind when they are actually in the situation. Isn’t this the “let it burn because you didn’t pay” issue from last year?

    • Alan Fors

      The person in the given scenario, a healthy 30 year-old with a good job and CHOOSES not to get health care would fit the role, perfectly, of a Randian/Paul-TP supporter.

      Not necesarily. He may just have made a gamble on his own good heatlth, choosing to spend his money on other things. I don’t think we are saying he should get a mulligan – we are saying that it should be harder for people to make these kind of bad decisions without having to learn the lesson through death or painful untreated illness.

      • Jimmy Abraham

        I agree…I think. Humans have hyperbolic preferences and many times people don’t know that. I was try to state that the decision to not buy insurance tends to be a gamble that most people take not thinking they will ever have to pay up. When they are faced with it, their attitudes change.

        No matter how hard we try to make people live by their decisions and “tie them to the mast” when time comes, sometimes I think morally it is wrong to force someone to live by a very poor decision. I guess I can not accept allowing someone to die if it could be helped. If it is not an end of life decision for the elderly, I am sympathetic to anyone how takes a gamble and now is faced with having to pay up. Facing curable death has to be one of the worst things to face and knowing the only thing standing between living and dying is money. This is all coming from someone who is responsible and would move my family to a tent and sell the house than to allow my family to be uninsured in any way.

        I think my point was a certain, almost, irony that the Ron Paul philosophy would more likely lead to the scenario brought up and the anti-Ron Paul philosophy would be sympathetic to help the person when the person would then be faced with the decision they thought they would never have to make.

    • Rick Janes

      Back in the 1980s, Reagan gave away truckloads of govt cheese free to all comers, but intended to help the poor. Many of those at the head of the line for the free cheese were Republicans who could well afford to buy their cheese at the store. Were these people languishing near death and a cure was available but they couldn’t afford it, they and their families would be at the front of the line yelling for the govt to do something to save them. It’s in the nature of the conservative hypocrite to act this way — a modern psychosis barely understood by psychologists but obvious nevertheless.

  • Robert Scalzi

    It is long past time to start giving them what they are asking for Lead cased in a copper jacket heading towards their heads @ lightning speed only to stop covered in brain matter on a wall behind them

    • Alex0001

      Wow……what the hell is wrong with you?

      • Robert Scalzi

        They are Damn it , and I’m not gonna sit back and be a fucking pacifist in the face of their violent bullshit, if you think that makes me one of them well You are a lost cause, STAND UP AND FIGHT. I’m sick of having sand kicked in my face , and if ya gotta know I don’t and never will have a firearm but if someone wants to shoot these tools down I will Cheer it. The same way I cheer Bank Robbers when they hit B of A or any other big banks that Ripped Off the country. So Whats Wrong W/ Me ?? I’ve Fucking had it w/ the Baggers and their enablers That’s what. Get Bent

  • OsborneInk

    How do you shame the shameless?

  • GrafZeppelin127

    This is shocking? After 20 months of rhetorical awfulness grounded in selfishness and cruelty? Really?

    The Tea Party™ has done many things to our body politic, but in my view the most important, and troubling, thing it has done is brought out the latent selfishness and cruelty that exists in all human beings and brought it surging to the surface. Remember, civilization (or as Tea Partiers call it, “socialism”) relies in large part on sharing and compassion. What’s the opposite of sharing and compassion (and therefore the opposite of “socialism”)? Right; selfishness and cruelty. The Tea Party has given its adherents a forum to feel good about their own selfishness and cruelty; to feel that it’s right to be selfish and cruel. And selfishness and cruelty, unencumbered by conscience or pragmatism, feel really, really good.

    If the TP was serious about injecting “personal responsibility” into the health-care issue, they would be talking about repealing not “Obamacare” (with its personal-responsibility-based individual mandate), but Reagan’s 1986 EMTALA law, which requires public hospitals and EMS to treat all comers regardless of citizenship or ability to pay. Then we could not only start letting the uninsured suffer and die (you know, instead of “forcing” others to pay for their care), we could start prosecuting people criminally, for theft of services, if they call 911 or show up at an ER without insurance (or enough cash on hand to cover a five-figure hospital bill). If you so much as call 911 in an emergency and you have no insurance and can’t pay for your care, you go to jail. How’s that for “freedom?”

  • freakishlystrong

    ♫ Let the Eaaaaagle Soar ♪
    Aw, fuck it. these hatriots are a scourge on the nation.

  • jmby

    I don’t want to live in this country anymore.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      We’re treading down a very dangerous path. In 2012, selfishness and cruelty will triumph over solidarity and compassion. Too many Americans harbor too much irrational hatred of too many other Americans. We’re becoming a hateful, resentful, narcissistic and blindly self-congratulatory nation. When Perry (or Palin, or Romney, or whomever else) unseats Obama next year, it will validate all of this nation’s (and it’s people’s) worst instincts. It will take decades, if not forever, to restore our soul.

      • ranger11

        Then Obama has to win next year.

      • Rick Janes

        This is exactly what Josef Goebbels did to the German people in the ’30s — propagandize them to hate minorities, blame them for the nation’s problems, and establish brutality and coarse disregard for life and human suffering as the norm. Germany was also a ‘Christian nation’ at the time. It seems even so-called civilized societies are never more than a run of bad luck from the Dark Ages or the bloody Swastika. That said, the ‘kill the other’ propaganda doesn’t seem to be working on the majority of Americans — yet. Maybe our diversity will save us.

    • Robert Scalzi

      That is teh same thing a firebagger would say Fuck You

      • jmby

        Robert, I am sick of your nasty comments, violent rhetoric and utter lack of respect for anyone you perceive thinks differently than you or isn’t willing to wish someone harmed or dead. Your “Get Bent”‘s and “Fuck You”‘s are innappropriate and, frankly, make you seem like a wack job.

        You should be perceptive enough to realize it’s pretty easy to be a Progressive Liberal in San Francisco. Stop abusing the other Progressive Liberals who live in red states who still fight and work for what we all believe is right and just. You have no right to be abusive to anyone because they didn’t NOT vote Repuican hard enough to please you or whatever your fucked up deal is.

        Go ahead, post some screed in reply – just know you don’t help the cause or change any minds with your abusive posts.

        • Robert Scalzi

          Whatever, Do a better Job of electing Progressives

          Or Leave

    • Alan Fors

      I don’t want them living in my country anymore.

  • morningsky

    Pro Life, who is not pro life? I am pro life. It is all right to be pro life. But, take it to the logical extreme. If you are pro life then you should not support war. You can not be pro life and support the death penalty. I am pro life and pro choice for women.

    Who are these animals? Is this a media ploy set up to drive the next news cycle? This sounds very much like Nazi Germany. Are these really religious people. There is no religion other than the “Almighty Dollar” religion that would support that way of thinking.

  • trgahan

    Yeah it’s disgusting, but it shouldn’t be surprising. These are the same people convinced that welfare goes to lazy minorities that are living off the hard work of good Christian white Americans. In their minds, not having insurance is that person’s fault and they see their dying as some sort of righteous “punishment.” Of course if any of the people cheering found themselves in a similar situation they would be running to the big bad government so fast.
    On one hand, we should all be ashamed we have allowed our political discourse to get so dehumanizing. On the other, we should try not to laugh/cry at the fact that the most dehumanizing rhetoric is coming from professed “devote Christian” candidates.