Open Thread

A Defining Moment

Artist - RJ Matson

In other news, leading anti-Muslim psychopath activist John Joseph Jay called for the mass murder of members of congress, governors, bloggers, and academics today. I trust the Secret Service and the FBI will be paying him a visit.

  • Dan_in_DE

    This is a great cartoon – this is my kind of snarky humor.

    This was an inevitablity from the moment of this jobs plan’s unveiling. The only surprise was that, apparently, a sufficiently good plan layed out in good enough a speech, would cause the R leadership to even feign that they might be on board with it.

    Now would be the time, if we had a remotely serious news media, to be badgering the R’s with questions about whether or not their opposition on this has any substantive reasons. And again, what kind of party stands in principled opposition to their own ideas? This bill is once again 90% Republican in origin and Obama is shining a spotlight on their hypocrisy in opposing it. Here’s your chance to rediscover some journalistic integrity and relevance. Go out there and ask them some serious questions!

    Here’s an example. You’ve called Obama’s jobs plan a “political exercise”, what would you call the period of less than a week when you claimed to be seriously considering voting for your own ideas even though, in helping address America’s desperate economic situation, you’d be helping Obama’s reelection chances? What would you call it when polititians cynically pretend that they need a couple of days to read over a proposal, when their unprecedented level of opposition over the last years makes it very obvious how they will eventually respond?

  • incredulous72

    Just finished watching Ken Burns’ documentary “Prohibition”. Fantastic!

    I never understood how we got that far down the rabbit hole with the 18th Amendment. A combination of holyrollers, holier-than-thous (I know, not a word), pipe dreamers and hypocrites ushered us into one of the most assbackwards times in our nation’s history. Glad I wasn’t alive to be burdened by it.

    However, the entire time was like a foreshadowing of what is going on in this country right now, and what will happen to us AGAIN, ONLY WORSE, if we don’t wise up and do something to prevent it. Damn hypocritical, no-count republicans at it again.

    • agrazingmoose

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Dan_in_DE

      comment liked.

      what do you mean by ‘no-count’ though?

      • incredulous72

        Ahhh; LOL! That’s just a bit of my southern heritage coming out. “No count” is the same as “no good”. Yosemite Sam was far better at the phrase than I am. LOL!

        • Dan_in_DE


          Now that you mention it, “you no-count varmint” is one of my favorite Yosemite Sam insults – and it’s perfectly fitting to that shit-kicking yokel, Perry!