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A Ridiculous Instance of Budget Cutting

Thank you ThinkProgress for highlighting one of the most ridiculous instances of budget cutting I have ever seen.

Last night, in between approving city expenditures and other routine agenda items, the Topeka, Kansas City Council debated one rather controversial one: decriminalizing domestic violence.

Here’s what happened: Last month, the Shawnee County District Attorney’s office, facing a 10% budget cut, announced that the county would no longer be prosecuting misdemeanors, including domestic violence cases, at the county level. Finding those cases suddenly dumped on the city and lacking resources of their own, the Topeka City Council is now considering repealing the part of the city code that bans domestic battery. [...]

Since the county stopped prosecuting the crimes on September 8th, it has turned back 30 domestic violence cases. Sixteen people have been arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and then released from the county jail after charges weren’t filed.

Holy shitballs.

The apparent justification for no longer prosecuting domestic violence cases, and avoiding the need to do so by simply making domestic battery legal, is that it just costs too much.

If that's truly the case. If we truly cannot afford to prevent men, or women, from beating their spouses, I think it's time to take drastic measures. Such as, ya' know, raising taxes to afford the basic shit required to be a functioning society. For civilization's sake.


  • http://twitter.com/JPFrankenstein JPFrankenstein

    but how many people in jail for pot possession?

  • D_C_Wilson

    This is how civilizations fall.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

    Topeka could save a lot more money by simply firing the police force and letting the peons hire their own private protection. That’s the American way — except when you need judges, courts and cops to enforce contractual obligations and protect the elite in the skyboxes from the rabble! But who cares if the peasantry beat each other to a pulp — they’re animals anyway. Just another example of how voting straight Republican has improved the daily lives of the average Kansan. Perhaps taxes aren’t low enough in Topeka and the ‘job creators’ have fled elsewhere.

    • bphoon

      Perhaps taxes aren’t low enough in Topeka…

      I live in Topeka and, rest assured, taxes aren’t low enough. I’ve lived in the Seattle/Tacoma metro, San Diego and the Twin Cities and Topeka has the highest sales tax I’ve experienced thus far. Part of that goes to the city, yet we don’t have the resources to prosecute misdemeanor domestic violence? This is just pure bullshit.

      However, I do have to say in the city council’s defense, the county prosecutor just dumped this on them without warning. Just up and told ‘em one day that he wasn’t prosecuting misdemeanors that occur within the city limits any longer and that they’d have to do so. Doesn’t excuse them repealing the city ordinance, but they were caught unawares. I think they did the repeal thinking it would force the county prosecutor to prosecute the misdemeanors, but as we can see, that ain’t happening.

      Welcome to the new “prosperity”, folks. This is what awaits you in Sam Brownback’s new utopia.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

        What have they spent all that sales tax money on, bphoon? New statues to Ronald Reagan or the Sarah Palin ice hockey arena that never opened? I have heard, seriously, of towns where the city laid on an excise tax to pay for such things as a Reagan Airfield that was never completed to a shopping mall that never opened, yet the money went somewhere. (You can guess where — likely into the pockets of well-heeled cronies of local Republicans.)

        Is there a chance Topekans might vote for someone who doesn’t have an ‘R’ after their name in the next election?

  • muselet

    Again, I find I must quote John Crichton:

    What is wrong with you people?


  • holyreality

    So, how does the invisible hand of the free market swoop in to save the day?

    The same way it does when Blitz gas cans explode from a static spark;

    That is, not at all, so how do we show teabaggers that the freemarket is not so free when a jug of gasoline explodes in one’s hand?

  • Paddy

    But Bob, they’re just following up on their promise to make this a Christian based nation and all. I mean, if the wemmins were just following Michele Bachmann’s lead and “submitting” to their husbands, there would be no reason to beat them now would there? Makes perfect sense.