Open Thread


Artist - Dave Granlund

In other news, Herman Cain is quote "very proud" of his relationship with the Koch Brothers and he thinks rape victims should be forced to carry their pregnancy to term.

Cain's implosion is imminent.

A Clown-Car presidential debate will take place tonight at 8pm on CNN. Take a drink every time someone says "9-9-9."

  • Anne_Webster

    Republicans will only give their love to a candidate they can’t have. That’s why, when Romney wins the nomination, he’s already convinced Christie in the can to run with him. That will keep Christie’s dubious record undercover for longer because he won’t be subject to the scrutiny that the current candidates are going through. It will give him the chance to finish all those things he claims he needs to accomplish as governor. It will give him the chance to get to higher office without having to get too dirty. Besides, until a couple of weeks ago, Rubio was the favorite for VP. His conservative hispanic background, the fact that he can clinch FL and his good looks made him a shoe in. Isn’t it curious that as soon as Christie declined, Rubio pulled himself out of the running for VP? I think he realized that there’s a new fair haired boy in town. Folks in the media need to keep their files open on Christie because there’s still a lot there to uncover.

  • neilbeairng

    i support this.