Bring Your Guns

Bring your guns, but don't bring your cameras to the Wisconsin state capital.

A new plan crafted by Gov. Scott Walker (R) would allow guns in most of Wisconsin’s state Capitol, while most photos would still be banned.

Under the new policy, the public would be allowed to carry concealed weapons in the Assembly viewing galleries, but existing rules barring the use of still and videos camera would not be changed, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Lawmakers could decide if guns are allowed in their individual offices.

The decision to disallow filming while allowing concealed firearms is obviously not a decision made in the interests of security. At least, not physical security.

Political security is another matter.

After all, if people are allowed to capture video of the assembly, the voters might see something they don't like. Where as if someone decides to shoot a member of the assembly, well, hopefully that assemblyman or woman was a godless liberal anyway.

What could go wrong?

  • r_dale

    Utah already allows this; Carl Wimmer (R-Mustache of Liberty), the leader of the Patrick Henry Caucus and the author of the bill giving Utah its very own state gun (.45 ACP), carries his piece into the state lege all the time. You never know when some LIB’ruhl might show up and need shootin’.

  • trgahan

    Which is more powerful; a loaded gun or a camera? There is a reason the founders put the right to free expression first and the right for states to maintain militas second. Clearly photos and video documentation of that Walker and friends are trying to do in Madison would be much more damaging than any amount of bullets.

  • Jimmy Abraham

    I don’t like the concealed firearm law myself and I can not wait to vote out Walker in the recall…but are they banning bringing in cameras? It isn’t like they are saying you can not use cameras but you can use firearms…Not really an apples to apples gripe…I support the general anger, but this particular battle is not the one to fight.

    • jmby

      Did you fully read the piece? Yes. Still and video cameras are banned. You cannot take photos, ostensibly for safety and security reasons. Cameras are usually banned in session – in states and inD.C. The difference is, apparently, that in the world of Walker’s Wisconsin, cameras are dangerous but loaded guns in the Statehouse are not. This IS a battle worth fighting.

  • Anon Collie

    One of the few benefit to moving to Wisconsin the last few months is being able use my vote constructively and take a shot at Walker, Ryan, etc.

  • 123bs123

    Next time we come with Cameras!

  • Bob Rutledge

    Where as if someone decides to shoot a member of the assembly, well, hopefully obviously that assemblyman or woman was a godless liberal anyway.

  • Bubble Genius

    The person who invents a gun-shaped camera is going to make a fucking mint in Wisconsin.

    • Rick Janes

      I believe they already have ‘gun cameras’ and not just on aircraft. Should be interesting if some godless liberal hippie points the business end of an Uzi that is actually a camera at the head of a GOP legislator.

  • Alex0001

    Oh how I cannot wait to vote him out…

  • jimtowndem

    what would be funny would be if a dozen or more people with rifles were in the veiwing seats pointing down at the legislaters and cocking them or working the actions as a vote was going forward. the view of faces would be wonderful