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Bull Cuts

Artist - Bill Day

In other news, the White House sided with Harry Reid today in his efforts to change a senate rule so that legislation punishing China for currency manipulation can pass.

After spending much of the last several years playing the role of Doomsayer over China, the Republicans were threatening to filibuster legislation that punishes China. Because, ya' know, we can't formally agree with this administration even if we privately agree. It's bad for politics business.

  • muselet

    Here is a good takedown of Rick Perry’s economic claims. It also includes this important paragraph:

    “When we see him govern, he’s awful,” says Jason Stanford, a campaign consultant who ran former Democratic state Congressman Chris Bell’s unsuccessful race against Perry for governor in 2006. “But when we see him campaign, he is a genius.”


    • bphoon

      I remember hearing the same thing about GW Bush from a Texan friend of mine in 2000.