The Media

Defending the Corporate Criminals

Chris Wallace thinks the "mainstream media" is giving too much attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement -- yes, the same press that covered every tea party rally and town hall screech-fest around the clock. That mainstream media.

By the way, isn't it great how conservatives are so quick to defend the corporate criminals who caused this catastrophe? When you're wondering why you can't find a job and the bank is about to foreclose on your home, thank a conservative.

Oh, and Fox News Channel is the number one cable news network on television. How are they not part of -- if not most of -- the mainstream media?

  • trgahan

    Comments like Wallace’s prove that the Occupy Wall Street movement is making some powerful people nervous and they want it “neutralized” as soon as possible. Whatever OWS merits, calls to “stop coving it” reflect a desire to keep “everyday” people ignorant of the message because it could significantly swing public opinion. Conversely, the need to cover every single Tea Party rally is a to make a small minority appear to be the majority opinion.

  • goteam123

    Once again we know how low and slimy the repubs are, but gee, thank god for Larry Summers, Geithner and now Bill Daley; all those Rubinites sure have been a heap of help, for Wall street. 
    And not a word or a peep on how the Obama administration has been complicit in this stupid  supposed centrism; helped along by hacks like Friedman and cheered on by the likes of Cesca who still can’t get himself to call out O’s malfeasance when it comes to the financial sector. Shameful, disgraceful and dishonest. 

    Here’s a taste from Driftglass:

    “And for the last 2.5 years, President Barack Obama has deployed every tool in his toolkit to forge common ground with these degenerates, up to and including selling out core Democratic principles in one misbegotten attempt after another to sue these traitors for peace.

    This is fact. Clear, unambiguous fact.”

    Thanks for trying, hack. 

    • Dan_in_DE

      You’re way out of your depth here, brah. And I hope that none of the Cescans decides to waste their time refuting you. Just one thing: check your derisive quote, and your insults to Cesca and the rest of us – if you decide to keep posting here (or return under another sock-puppet) make sure you leave that out. It’s no way to start a conversation.

      In short, come back when you’ve learned your manners.

      • goteam123

        Hey brah, you think I want to start a conversation with a bunch of zealous, cheerleading sycophants who can’t see beyond their tribal affiliations to their dear leader. I’m only here to voice my disdain for a group of people that thinks they are the righteous banner holders of truth and completely agree with Cesca’s toxic brand of look over there, see how bad they are, but our guys are the best. Phooey. You are nit wit. Buh bye.

        • dildenusa

          Manners? We don’t need no stinking manners.

          Reality’s a bitch goteam123, isn’t it? It’s just too bad that the ignorant tea party republicans and ignorant limousine liberal democrats look down their noses at people like you and me. But the difference between people like you and people like me is that I understand reality is a bitch. And if a tea party republican wins the presidency in 2012 and both house of congress, reality won’t just be a bitch, it will be US against THEM. And THEM will be jackbooted fascist thugs, not President Obama. You confuse who THEM is. I’m not one of THEM and neither is President Obama.

          So, you are either with US, or against US. From your posts I can see you are against US. So either crawl back into your cave and shutup or join US to defeat THEM.

  • Ned F

    I think this is the way it’s always been. The mostly young protesters are not to be taken seriously because they look funny or haven’t lived in the real world yet, or are just spoiled middle class kids living off the welfare state with their minds exploited by liberal university faculty. They’re camping in tents for god’s sake! Doesn’t matter that the crowds are quickly growing with middle aged people too, the mostly older curmudgeon demographic that makes up the bulk of Fox News viewers just sees those “damn kids”. Tea party activists look just like them, and the news knows that people like to watch news about themselves.

  • dildenusa

    The tea party republic mantra of a left leaning bias in the mainstream media is a myth. If anything, mainstream media in the US is right leaning. While the American people really wants congress to act in the best interests of the people, the mainstream media has forced President Obama to give in to the obstructionists in congress instead of reporting the truth that the republican leadership has caused mass suffering with it’s infantile behavior and insistence on false and misleading policies designed to bankrupt the middle class while perpetuating a neo feudalistic society.