Every Day Is Opposite Day

Hot on the heels of Mitt Romney's suggestion that the real solution to the housing market is to have even more foreclosures, Herman Cain debuted his own ideas today.

CAIN: I know people don’t like this, but no. Because then you distort the free market system. Here’s how you encourage banks: Remove the barriers that are keeping them from doing business the way that they would want to. Most banks would want to renegotiate with people on their mortgages, but I’m telling you there are restrictions that are more government driven that are keeping them — I’ve had bankers tell me this. They didn’t give me a list of all the things that, you know, could be done. They want to help people, they really do. But it is the threat of government regulations, it is the threat of the Dodd-Frank bill and rolling it out. Some of it is the threat of the whole Obamacare thing.

The solution is to let them do business the way they want to?

Okay. Let's have foreclosure robo-signing. Let's return to packaging high risk, mortgage backed securities and selling them as prime rib. Let's have another housing bubble.

No matter what the logical solution to any given situation is, you can expect the Republicans to propose the exact opposite. If a lack of oversight and regulation lead directly to a national crisis, you can expect them to say too much oversight and regulation was the real culprit.

Evidence be damned. Common sense be damned.

Conservatism is a mental illness.

  • Emerald1943

    What in the name of all we hold holy is wrong with these people???

    Are we to actually believe that they ACTUALLY BELIEVE this cr*p?? I am stunned at the arrogance and the ignorance!

    The most stunning part of these statements by Romney and Cain is the total lack of any compassion for all those millions who will lose their homes. Is there NO caring or concern for the PAIN of the people, the ruined credit…and the ruined lives?

    I never thought that I would hear any American say such a thing!

    • gescove

      I fervently hope all of this spectacle is simply the death throes of the Republican Party. A corrupt ideology. An ash heap of tired, disproven “solutions”. A contempt for learning, inquiry, science, and reason. A worn playbook of the divisive tactics of predjudice, fear, misogyny, bigotry, and know-nothing. An arrogance of privilege. A disdain for anyone and everyone deemed to be beneath their station. They won’t go quietly or soon, unfortunately. But in my core I believe they will go nonetheless. To believe otherwise is to tempt a darkness too awful to contemplate.

      • Emerald1943

        Well said, gescove! My sentiments exactly! It is so disappointing to hear the cheers of the audiences at the debates (?) when the candidates talk about executing prisoners and that the OWS people should just “go get a job”. It seems that there will always be about 25-30% of the population that buys into the republican ideology. There is a hard edge to these people that I cannot understand.

        The republicans are getting desperate. I believe that they see it slipping away from them. The people are in the streets, and the President continues to pound them on the Jobs Act, as rightly he should. So what we see from Boehner and the House are endless abortion bills, meant to pander to their extreme base. Republican state houses are rushing to pass extreme voter ID laws in attempts to suppress Democratic votes in the next election. The overall picture is that they are clawing and scraping to maintain their control. After all, if they were not really afraid of losing the election on the merits of their candidates, why would they seek to suppress the vote?

        I hope that the Occupy Wall Street movement is a sign that the American people are waking up from their long sleep. They must be made aware of how the system is rigged against them and that this party of the oligarchs and fools cannot stand. If it does, it will mean the end of the United States of America.

  • missliberties

    I heard Steve Moore applaud Cain’s plan saying at least it would tax the drug dealers and the folks that ride around in those pink cadillacs!!

  • Wes Hopper

    Can he possibly really believe that? No matter how you answer that question it doesn’t reflect well on him. And he’s a contender? God help us all. Yikes.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    But it is the threat of government regulations, it is the threat of the Dodd-Frank bill and rolling it out. Some of it is the threat of the whole Obamacare thing.

    I must have missed something; when did American businesspeople become cowards who are afraid of the law? Or incompetents who can’t do business and comply with the law at the same time?

  • RickInSaltLake

    Yea, that concept works on everything. To encourage kids to do what they need to do just let them set their own meal menus, meal schedules, TV watching, bedtime, etc. What will you get? Ice cream and cookies all the time, 24×7 tv, and they would never go to bed.

    Cain is a freaking idiot who has no filters between his screwed up brain and his mouth. Whatever comes to mind, Herman, just go ahead and say it.