Mitch McConnell’s Twisted Logic

According to Senate Minority Obstructionist Mitch McConnell, the reason that congress has been gridlocked for the past two years is not because congress, and more specifically Republicans, won't agree to anything. It's because the White House somehow benefits from gridlock.

Here's Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on the Senate floor Tuesday. "The second reason the White House didn't send these agreements up sooner is that the political operators over at the White House seem to believe that they benefit from the appearance of gridlock," McConnell said. "They're over there telling any reporter who will listen that they plan to run against Congress next year. Their Communications Director said as much to the New York Times two weeks ago. So that's their explicit strategy -- to make people believe that Congress can't get anything done.

There are so many things flatly wrong and deliberately dishonest about what Mitch McConnell is saying I don't even know where to begin. My head is still spinning.

Following his logic -- if you can even call it that -- if the White House benefits from gridlock, shouldn't the Republicans agree to everything to ensure that gridlock does not occur?

If gridlock benefits the White House, why has the president's approval rating slowly dropped over the last two years? Shouldn't his approval rating be up?

Ah screw it -- Mitch McConnell is projecting straight out of his ass.

  • bphoon

    There are so many things flatly wrong and deliberately dishonest about what Mitch McConnell is saying…

    That’s all that needs to be said about anything Mitch McConnell says.

  • incredulous72

    I’m so sick of these sonsabitches and their projectionist, obstructionist bullshit.

    And can someone please tell me,


    For fuck’s sake, he’s already said at least five times that he’s not running. He actually had a press conference today to reiterate HE’S NOT FUCKING RUNNING!!!

    I live in New York and I’m sick to death of hearing about Jersey’s damn governor. I don’t even hear about MY damn governor as much as I hear about fat baby jesus.

    • Scopedog

      Hey! I live in New Jersey and I’ve gotta deal with HIM!! I can’t help but not hear about Christie (but I am sick of him).

      • incredulous72

        LOL! Sorry, Dude. I truly feel your pain.

  • Buffalodavid

    Mitch, you are a lying sacagawea.

  • muselet

    Couple this with Eric Cantor’s passive-voice assertion that “Washington has become so dysfunctional” and we have yet another headdesk moment. What these two loons say might actually be funny if they weren’t trying their level best to destroy the US economy for electoral gain.

    Mitch McConnell is projecting straight out of his ass.

    Now there’s a mental image I didn’t need.


    • JMAshby

      I was going to say projecting straight out of the ass which has replaced his head.

  • IrishGrrrl

    The dittoheads (that includes the MSM) will repeat it until enough people believe it to hurt the President. The entire game is stacked against him.

  • Chachizel

    As stupid as this sounds to us, there is a LARGE percentage of this country that actually listen to this BS and agree. WTF??!!

  • Bob Olivarez

    Remember, if a repuke accuses you of doing something wrong, you can bank on it that that is exactly what they are doing.

    • MrDHalen

      What you just said is exactly what drives me crazy about Republicans. And, they will accuse you of something; and you can see they are completely clueless to the fact that they are describing themselves. It is truly amazing to watch; a true WTF moment indeed.

      • incredulous72

        Oh they’re not clueless; they know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

        • MrDHalen

          Yes, many do know, but there are plenty who don’t. That’s why were in the shit we’re in.

  • Ryan Carson

    Bob, this is exactly in line with what Chez predicted on the show last week. That the tacit (now explicit) message of the right wingers in 2012 is that ” all this…unpleasantness…will go away when Obama goes away.”