Orwellian Prediction of the Day

Glenn Beck thinks "the violent left is coming to our streets" "to smash, to tear down, to kill, to bankrupt, to destroy."

And the racist, anti-woman gun-toting militia-and-secession supporting crowd -- you know, meek pacifists all of them -- dropped their flowers and their peace signs and ran away.

  • D_C_Wilson

    “to smash, to tear down, to kill, to bankrupt, to destroy.”

    Sounds like what Beck has been encouraging his listeners to do for years now.

  • Fred

    New day, same message from Beck.

    Fear and Fear some more. Buy some gold. Buy survival seeds. $2.99 a pack sale price on my web site! Hide under your beds (with your seeds, see above), the Socialist’s are a-coming!

    Americans see the Socialist in the White House, and you know what, Beckster, they are NOT afraid. The other guys like you and your kind? They are coming around to a different kind of thinking, and it will not be pretty for you. You can count on that, but set aside your own justified fear; your exile will be non-violent, but just as final as you fantasize you would do unto us.

    Mock and ridicule him, folks. And his kind. They deserve it. Above all the Crazies hate and fear THAT the most, even as they deny it.

  • Fred

    I find it strangely comforting that this is the first time I have heard of the Beckster saying anything. Got drowned out by the crazy of the Perry evangelical terrorists, I guess.

  • muselet

    “I have heard enough words in my lifetime—if anyone’s heard or watched my show, you know I’ve said enough words in my lifetime. I’ve heard too many promises broken. I’ve felt betrayed by almost every politician in every party. I have had my hopes dashed and my spirit felt broken.

    “I’m done with words. Words don’t get us anywhere. Action propels us forward. Speaking fewer words and finding those people of greater action. And action not just for the next election, not action that will change the political landscape for the next election, but change men’s hearts and therefore change the political landscape for generations to come.

    “Hate is on a scale and is growing on a planetary scale of unprecedented size. The violent left is coming to our streets, all of our streets, to smash, to tear down, to kill, to bankrupt, to destroy. It will be global in its nature and global in its scope.

    “I said these things two years ago, and I was mocked and ridiculed. I explained this last January in great detail, and said exactly how it was going to come down, and I was mocked and ridiculed. I no longer care. I no longer care if you mock or ridicule. I no longer care if you listen or don’t listen. I will continue to tell you, trouble is coming but there is a way out. As millions are taught or will teach others to hate and destroy, if we wish to survive, we must turn our own world upside-down.”

    Ah, the jeremiad, a rhetorical form long fallen into disfavor, revived now by Glenn Beck as a mighty locomotive to pull a long train of nonsequiturs and idiocies for the edification and delight of all eight people in his audience. The jeremiad need not, indeed should not, be pompous and long-winded, for such things are thought stultifying in our modern age, but Glenn Beck has clearly not learned that lesson; he has certainly learned enough of the rhythms of formal rhetoric and the convolution of language to make himself sound learned and his message seem important. However, the contents of his speech do betray him as a dolt and a blatherskite.

    Shorter Glenn Beck: Be afraid, be very afraid.

    Shorter me: For someone who’s done with words, Glenn Beck sure does use a lot of them.


    • peonyharp

      The Beck of Lamentations… (sorry, couldn’t resist) and, alopecia, YOU have a way with words. I always enjoy your posts.

      • muselet

        Aw, shucks, you’re makin’ me blush.

        The Beck of Lamentations. *slaps forehead* D’oh! I wish I’d thought of that!


    • D_C_Wilson

      When he said he said, “I done with words,” I almost cheered as I thought he was announcing he was quitting and would finally STFU. But then he kept talking.

      • incredulous72

        I felt the exact same way. Maybe he’s done with words now that he’s vomited out that ridiculous speech.

  • Draxiar

    Glenn Beck is the Louis Prothero (ref. V for Vendetta) of our day. I wouldn’t lose sleep if he met the same fate.

  • dildenusa

    If I remember correctly, all of the home grown left wing terrorist organizations were infiltrated and smashed so that by the mid 1980’s there weren’t anymore. Not only that but since the mid 1980’s the only active home grown terrorist groups are allied with the tea party republic. And they have been given free rein by Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld and their Koch Roach backers.

    We should be more concerned with the narco terrorists joining up with the tea party republic terrorists.

  • Razor

    Glenn Beck is still a thing?

  • Dan_in_DE

    What a character!

    This shit is so patently absurd. You can’t interpret it as anything but satire. Beck is just like a Steven Colbert, only with the intention of being taken seriously. And considering that the twits on the far-right didn’t get that Colbert’s show is satire, it’s no wonder that Beck’s thing works as well as it does.

  • Tom Toren

    So when Bush and the Bushites were taking the US to war we were a bunch of wimpy pantywaists, but now we’re creatures of the night here to swallow your soul?
    Well, at least we’re versatile.

    • Fred

      Jon Stewart worthy writing.