Open Thread

Rick Perry’s Foreign Policy

Artist - Taylor Jones

In other news, Republican presidential candidate Hermain Cain took to the airwaves today to say that Chris Christie is too liberal to run for president anyway.

Given Christie's lack of condemnation of Sharia Law and immigrants, Cain may be correct. Simply being a so-called "fiscal conservative," or spending a great deal of time pushing teachers around, is no longer in itself enough to qualify you for the presidency of Wingnutville.

You have to dial The Crazy™ up to 11 to win in today's primary environment.

  • holyreality

    Mitt is the GOP safe, and sane candidate. He is the vegetables that the redmeat lusting base just does not want to eat.

    Like it or not, if the GOP gets their red meat for the general election, they will lose, no matter how “populist” they attempt to portray their man.

    Perry, Cain, and for a while Bachmann had that pizazz that inflamed liberals, and that is what they want in the whitehouse. A “RINO” will compromise, and you know, be sane.

    A sane man would not get the “libtards” so angry, and that is just not good enough.

  • IrishGrrrl

    FTW, Ashby with “dial Teh Crazy up to 11″

  • ranger11

    He’s not too liberal…he’s too fat! Sorry about that. He’s really too big of a loud asshole. Literally.