The Mob

Contrary to what Fox News may have you believe, The Mob is not average Americans taking time out of their day to go into the street and demand social and economic justice. The Mob is not comprised of those who have benefited the most from the system.

No. The Mob is hate-filled, wingnut listeners, birther enthusiasts, and racists, as one Alabama restaurant owner is now finding out.

A restaurant owner in Birmingham, Alabama knew he had a problem after Alabama’s extreme immigration law went into effect. All nine of Steve Dubrinsky’s kitchen workers at his Jewish deli were legal immigrants, yet several of them have told Dubrinsky that he should hire people to replace them because they’re leaving with undocumented relatives or simply do not feel safe. He spoke to the Birmingham News about his sudden employment issue. “They are scared and I can’t blame them,” he said to the paper about his employees. “It is affecting a lot of restaurants. It’s a mess.”

Then his problems got worse. On the morning the newspaper published his quote, Dubrinsky heard a local radio host talking about if people should boycott his deli because of his sympathetic comments.

After the Wingnutosphere caught wind of Steve Dubrinsky's comments to the local news and the advice he gave to his workers, the hate-mail streamed in, filled with racial slurs and hopes that his "un-american" business will go out of business.

Because nothing screams patriotism like wishing failure on a coveted small-business owner.

Alabama's "Papers Please" law has been a complete disaster, with farmers losing millions of dollars in crops, children being scared away from their schools, and restaurant owners like Steve Dubrinsky possibly losing his business even though his employees were all legal.

This is the result when states take matters into their own hands, as virtually every Republican presidential candidate would suggest they do.

Do Republicans ever grow tired of shooting themselves in the foot? Or is this a fetish?

  • Fembot45

    Like the seeds that started in 1933 Germany. We need to be very careful of who gets elected in local and federal government. The perfect storm could be brewing for some history repetition.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Mitch McConnell may be the second most despicable elected official (after Dick Cheney) I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

  • maggy

    Hate and fear hate and fear. Don’t GOP voters ever get tired of it?

    • muselet

      Apparently not.


  • Broadway Carl

    You reap what you sow.

    @muselet – I’m sure the farm owners losing millions and the restaurant owners losing their businesses will result in a second thought when it comes to their vote. Whether it’ll be enough or not remains to be seen, but witnessing the idiocy of their current politicians and the result of their decisions is a good start.

    • muselet

      I hope you’re right.


  • D_C_Wilson

    Psychologically speaking, the GOP has never really recovered from the end of the cold war. Back then, things were simple. They had an easily defined enemy to use as an electoral issue. Ever since, they’ve been struggling to find a new one. Initially, they tried China in the early months of the Bush administration. But 9/11 gave them the scary “Islamofascist”. However, that wasn’t enough. Why settle with one target to focus people’s fear and hatred when you can have two? So, even though illegal immigration is actually down across the board, they’re ginning up fear of the illegal immigrant.

    It makes sense from a strategic point of view. These days, everyone is worried about either finding a job or losing the one they have. So, let’s blame the Mexicans even though very Americans were looking for a career as a freelance construction working or fruit picker.

  • muselet

    Yes, Alabama’s idiotic law has been a failure of epic proportions. However, unless Charlie Foxtrots like these cost Republicans an election or three, they aren’t shooting themselves in the foot, and I see no evidence of an electoral backlash against the Rs.


  • dildenusa

    This is ignorance taken to it’s logical conclusion. It is accepted scientific fact that modern humans evolved in Africa about 5 hundred thousand years ago and then began spreading throughout the world about 2 hundred and 50 thousand years ago. If you live today anywhere other than Africa, you are an immigrant and your ancestors were immigrants in the place where you live.

    These ignorant tea party republic clowns in Alabama don’t want to acknowledge that fact. They think they were here first. The problem is scum bag politicians pandering to these ignorant illogical clowns.

  • Grant Beaudette

    The fact that the DREAM act (which is basically an attempt to find a hypothetical set of circumstances to allow someone here illegally to gain legal status) can’t gain traction means we’re a long ways off as a nation from even having a proper discussion on the subject.

  • Kari Hope

    No one should be surprised at this. The level of hatred has been skyrocketing to the forefront since we elected our first black president. Would they be so vile if PBO’s mother’s color would be on the outside instead of his father’s?? I think not. Next time you eat an apple, strawberry, or lettuce, thank a Mexican. I am proud to be a Mexican, Native American, and 7th generation Arizonan.