The Media

What Liberal Media?

According to your average conservative, the "liberal" media is completely in-the-tank for the Obama Administration, aiding and abetting his reign as the socialist-in-chief.

Careful examination of media coverage would apparently put that fantasy to rest though.

The only person to receive more negative media coverage than the president is Newt Gingrich whose unparalleled patriotism compelled him to have multiple affairs.

That doesn't seem very liberal to me.

  • RickInSaltLake

    Which one of the Republican talking heads will say this graph is actually a ploy by the liberal media to fool you into thinking there is not a liberal media?

    I suspect we won’t have to wait very long.

    Place your bets…

  • GrafZeppelin127

    There is a “liberal media.” There is no “the liberal media.”

    The “media” may have been “liberal” in 1974. It is not today.

    Even before Fox News hit the air in 1996, media coverage of Bill Clinton’s presidency was relentlessly negative; much like today, it reported everything Republicans were saying as if it were self-evidently-true. Coverage of Al Gore’s campaign in 2000 was also overwhelmingly negative.

    • Dan_in_DE

      I have a theory, that I probably got from someone older and wiser on this whole liberal media thing. And I imagine that our new media probably was relatively liberal back in ’74. After all it was the honest news coverage of Viet Nam that eventually forced the war-mongers to back down and pull out of there. And it was that moment in history that mobilized the up and coming young R’s, Atwater and his ilk, to make a concerted push to get the media in line with more conservative agendas.

      • Rick Janes

        Roger Ailes proposed the idea of a conservative Republican TV channel to Nixon in the early ’70s to counter the ‘liberal’ media. Apparently Bebe Rebozo (or whoever) wasn’t willing to finance the scheme. Just imagine if Fox News had existed when Nixon was being impeached.

    • Rick Janes

      As you’ve read, there are liberal reporters, but the people who determine what goes on the air or into print are the publishers and editors, most of whom are conservative. Someone pointed out that the so-called liberal NY Times has never supported a labor union strike and, of course, pushed Bush’s bogus war with Iraq relentlessly via Cheney’s conduit Judith Miller. (Any first-year journalism student would know the ‘anonymous’ sources for her stories were tainted.) That the Times apologized for Miller later is notwithstanding — the damage had been done.

  • i_a_c

    I’m glad you made a post on this, Ashby.

    If anyone was wondering why it seems like the media always has bad news for Obama to share, it’s because they do.