For the first time ever, the dumbest person on Fox & Friends wasn't Doocy or Kilmeade.

Hank Williams Jr. looks like a character from a Rob Zombie movie. Even the hosts of the show appear to be staggered and confused by his scary ridiculousness.

  • TalkieToaster2

    Where was Ted Nugent?

  • nicole

    Good news. The Beard-on-a-Stick (© Bubble Genius) is considering a run for the senate next year.

    ABC World News covered this story and per usual for the media, managed to make him seem less awful than he was.

  • D_C_Wilson


    Fox asks drunk redneck singer about politics for no apparent reason.

    • staci

      I see that he has since issued the standard “if anybody was offended” apology. It was his passion for sports and politics that made him do it. LOL

    • nicole

      lol. indeed. :)

  • Brutlyhonest

    I’m sure the whole country music community has gone apeshit over this lack of respect for the president – you know, like they did about the dixie chick?

    Yeah. For more ridiculousness, see the asshat ray stevens’ latest anti-obama screed (they had a review of it in the local rag a coupla weeks ago).

    The stewart moment of zen regarding junior was classic: morning fools bitching about roseanne saying something and asking, “Who cares what these famous people think?” then rolling into and here’s junior!

  • TimEldred

    Christ, even Sarah Palin knows you never go full Hitler.

    • Draxiar

      Oh that’s just damn funny!

      • TimEldred

        Now that Hank has been pulled from his football gig, start counting down to some conservative birdbrain claiming that his first amendment rights have been violated. Because, you know, the government runs football.

        • Draxiar

          Rush Limbaugh is a BIG football fan…my bet’s on him to say something first.

  • Jimmy Abraham

    The “Hitler” thing wasn’t nearly as silly or offensive (because he really wasn’t comparing Obama to Hitler but the meeting between the two…) as calling Obama and Biden “the enemy.” But, if people are offended by the Hitler thing…I am wondering if there are any people offended that Boehner was compared to Netanyahu?? Or are there Israelis offended? Just having fun in my own head…

    • Treading_Water

      Maybe, Boehner was Hitler and Obama was Netanyahu. Or, maybe Biden was Netanyahu and the caddy was Hitler, or maybe trying to figure out what this alcohol sodden lump of misfiring synapses is trying to say makes my brain hurt.

  • nicole

    If George and Thomas could see us now. Un-freaking-real.

  • Bubble Genius

    Are we sure Eddie Murphy isn’t under what looks like a stick-on beard?

  • Draxiar

    “Are you ready for some REDNEEEEECKS!?”

    And to think this shitkicker wingnut is entertaining the idea of running for office…*rolls eyes*…it’s now gone to comedy.

  • mattpd

    The original WTF that leads to the crazy statement is why are they going to HWjr to talk about politics in the first place?

    To paraphrase a quote from Elvis Costello…. Talking to Hank Williams Jr about politics is like dancing about architecture.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Exactly! You know the MSM has jumped the shark when they ask this idjit for political analysis. Furthermore, I love how ESPN is acting all shocked at this guy’s opinion. It’s not like he hasn’t performed at Tea Party rallies where they carry signs likening the President to Hitler or dressed up in a tribal regalia with a bone through his nose or that accuse him of being a muslim who secretly supports jihad, etc, etc, etc.

      • incredulous72


        Being surprised by this redneck’s comment is like being surprised that water is wet.

  • Robert Scalzi

    Stopped watching MNF when the NFL let the dog murderer back into the fold but never could stand this talentless tweaker. I hope he gets the Rushbo treatment and the intro is canned for good.

    • staci

      Just wondering – you kept watching when they let the player that killed a person play but quit when they let a man that participated in dog fighting back?

      • Robert Scalzi

        WTF is wrong w/ you ?? YES dogs are waaay fucking better than most humans and don’t have a choice in the situations they find themselves in so please shove that statement in defense of Vick up yours

        • staci

          Okay, I was asking a question that didn’t require you to be the obnoxious ass you normally are. I didn’t provide any defense for Vick, but whatever. Oh, and Robert, anytime a person puts animals over humans, I really question their humanity.

          And, lastly, fuck you, too.

          • nicole

            Does that make Vick a person worth defending?

            Adding……..and yes, your posts come across as a defense of Vick. Even in the way you phrased it “they let a man that participated in dog fighting”.
            Vick didn’t “participate” in dog “fighting”. Vick pitted dogs against one another in fights to the death, as he wagered on his dogs to win. Wagered big money on which dog would die.
            He is a despicable human being.

          • Robert Scalzi

            thanks for the back up… He is a despicable lump of flesh.

          • staci

               [dih-fens or, especially for 7, 9, dee-fens] Show IPA noun, verb, -fensed, -fens·ing.

            a speech, argument, etc., in vindication: She delivered a defense of free enterprise.

            Show me where I did this, Nicole.

            You may not like Vick, and I’m okay with that, but you cannot make stuff up to defend your position based on your interpretation. Using ONLY the question I asked, where is the defense of Michael Vick?

          • nicole

               [im-plahyd] Show IPA
            involved, indicated, or suggested without being directly or explicitly stated; tacitly understood: an implied rebuke; an implied compliment.

          • Robert Scalzi

            I consider you Calling me an Obnoxious Ass a compliment…Thank You

            However, Your the one that attacked me Staci, All I did was express my opinion on why I think ESPN made a good move and why I don’t watch the NFL, MY CHOICE , I don’t really care if anyone else watches, I wasn’t attacking anyone for watching or telling anyone not to or that they were assholes for watching the NFL and you decide to attack me FOR WHAT MAY I ASK ??? and yes your unwarrrented attack on me is an implied defense of teh animal abuser Vick , There are a lot more things I could say and might but to be honest you are not worth anymore of my time.

          • Alex0001

            As if you wouldn’t actually curse her out and call her names if she were more respectful…..

          • Robert Scalzi

            maybe, but Why would anyone care about my personal decision to not watch the NFL over something I feel was really unforgivable.. Ever worked in an animal shelter ??

          • staci

            Ya know, I’ve been around here a long time, and I’m not the first person you responded to with your e-tough bullshit. I asked you a simple question – I didn’t assign any defense to anybody regardless of what you and Nicole may have interpreted. Participated, pitted – it’s semantics. I have never on any forum defended Vick’s actions. I found your comment an interesting observation, and considering forums are generally where things are discussed, I asked you. How you twisted that into an attack on you is beyond me.

          • nicole

            You asked him a passive-aggressive question. It was an implied insult.
            I probably would have expected to get an insult back.

        • JMAshby

          I think that was a little harsh and uncalled for. Get a grip.

          • nicole

            Ashby, the question Staci asked him was passive-aggressive. An implied insult. That tends to piss people off.

          • staci

            YOU don’t get to decided my intent, Nicole. Sometimes a question is just that – a question. I notice your definition of implied. Nice deflection. I’m still waiting for you to show me where I explicitly defended Michael Vick.

            You know what really pisses people off – when an internet groupie decides they get to determine the meaning behind what is clearly stated. When/if I decide to insult somebody, it will be crystal clear; you won’t have to figure it out.

          • nicole

            No, Staci. I don’t “get to decide your intent”.

            I do, however, get to have an opinion of that intent, even if you don’t like it.

          • JMAshby

            Even if that’s the case, the response has been way over the top and out of hand.

            Responding in kind or with “shove it up your ass” is usually not the best way to further your argument or persuade someone to agree with you.

            This level of anger is unbecoming. Please keep it civil.

          • nicole

            I was not “uncivil”.

            And, cursing at someone is not the only way to insult them. It can and was done using a method that lets the insulter off the hook. This is what I object to.

            Just because a person doesn’t curse, does not make that person innocent of flinging an uncalled for insult. In this case. And in others.

            And, I am sick of hearing people have a damn hissy fit when someone curses. What is a curse anyway???

            Bob does it. You do it. Why don’t they launch one of their “oh my, oh noes, that person is cursing again” attacks on y’all?



            Hey, Staci, you did intend to insult him, and when he cursed at you, YOU responded in kind.

          • staci

            Thanks, Ashby, and apologies for highjacking the thread.


            Nicole: I have respected your opinion on a lot of subjects in the 2.5 years I’ve been here, and I’ve burned through most of that today refuting your opinion of what I think. I am positively blown away that you would come back with the statement you added above – how incredibly outrageous that you even though you don’t know me, you can tell me what I think – what I intended to say. You slay me, girl. I’m surely done.

          • nicole

            Well, look, Staci, by the same damn token, I haven’t ever really disagreed with you before.

            And frankly, I was irritated that you seemed to give Vick a pass, and then turned the whole thing in to a huge brouhaha.

            When I called you on it, you proceeded to talk to me as though I were an idiot who doesn’t understand the meaning of defense, etc..

            Now, if you want to be “done” over this, that’s certainly your choice, but you are not at all blameless here. Also, personally, I never say never.

          • JMAshby

            I didn’t mention cursing a single time.

            I’m not saying anyone is innocent, or taking a side. But just because you think you’re right doesn’t mean you have to make things worse.

            Take a chill pill.

          • nicole

            Okay. Whatever. I can not stand passive-aggressive crap. It makes me gnash my teeth no matter who does it. And when they deny it, it really bugs me.

  • JackDaniel07

    I hope he stashed some meth money

  • caribbeanobserver

    Yes Bobby, a lot of folks who are ‘a little bit touched ‘ (to put it mildly, seem to get so much prominence in the American media.