You’re Not Helping

Remember moments like this the next time you chose to blame President Obama for not passing a particular bill while ignoring the actions of congress.

Speaking from the floor of the Senate, Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) explained his opposition to President Obama’s jobs bill which is currently expected to fail to muster the necessary 60 votes for passage tonight. Webb said he had reservations about the timing of the bill, and that he opposed the millionaires tax, a provision which would be used to pay for the measure.

The timing of the bill?!

What are you waiting for? Christmas? The second coming?

Do you think those who are suffering in this economy are worried about the timing of the bill? They certainly aren't concerned about the tax increase on millionaires which, as Bob pointed out, an overwhelming majority of Americans support.

I call bullshit on Senator Jim Webb.

  • Sabreen60

    Webb is not running for re-election. Although he voted to break the filibuster, he said he would NOT vote for the actual bill should they get 60 votes. Why should be care. After all he’s set for life – financially.

  • TalkieToaster2

    What are you waiting for? Christmas? The second coming?

    He’s waiting for hell to freeze over.

  • Tim Neuenhaus

    Webb voted for the bill.

    • Broadway Carl

      Yes he did… after trashing it on the floor and suggesting it’s politically motivated.

  • JackDaniel07

    The President is not helping on this…at all

    • Sabreen60

      Your link doesn’t work and I can’t imagine what more the President could have done. Why don’t you educate us.

      • JackDaniel07

        The President promised a laissez faire approach to states rights in regard to Medical Marijuana. Instead, in the state of California, every dispensary is being forced to close under threat of Federal prosecution. The citizens of CA voted for Prop215/SB420 in a free and fair election in 1996 and the Federal govt has no business crossing state lines to flex their muscle. Real legitimate patients’ safe access is being threatened by the IRS and DOJ, and for what? To appeal to some more conservative leaning indy’s who wont vote for the Kenyan anyway? To put thousands of employees of these shops into unemployment lines?

  • D_C_Wilson

    It’s become increasingly clear that Webb became a democrat only because of his disagreement with Bush over the Iraq war. He’s been against the democrats on virtually everything else. I’d call him the anti-Lieberman, if I actually believed in the myth the Lieberman was “with us on everything except the war”.

    Glad he’s stepping down. I just hope the democrats have a strong candidate to run for his seat.

    • jmby

      Tim Kaine’s running against Macaca Allen for the seat. Kaine’s a popular guy in Virginia, though he was not the most effective Governor and didn’t impress many VA Democrat voters in his position as DNC chair. He’s a thoroughly moral, decent and honest man, and a rare “good” politician, though. And all types of people really like him. Allen, of course, spectacularly lost the same seat, and I truly think his moment has (thankfully) past. However, Kaine will need to campaign hard, because George Allen needs the seat to restore his honor, and Republican donors badly want the seat back. As when wacko Ollie North ran for the Senate, I think a lot of Repubs will hold their noses, toe the party line and vote for Allen though they think he’s a bozo in cowboy boots.

    • ranger11

      Didn’t the “netroots” love all these guys back in the day? Why aren’t they complaining about them now. It’s very convenient for them to put everything under the Obama umbrella now.

  • Broadway Carl

    Webb has become such a disappointment. “The timing of the bill”? As if this is playing politics?! Okay, if you’re a cynical bastard, sure, you can make that assumption. But if you look at the big picture, the one where unemployment remains above 9% and our GDP sucks ass, maybe you wouldn’t think about the “timing” as a political tactic so much as a crisis management tactic.

    Douchebag. Glad he’s not running again. Go put on your son’s combat boots and walk away.

  • Fred

    Which is why no current Party Of Two America should be allowed to co-opt the OccupyWallStreet movement.

    Corruption runs very, very deep in America.

  • EsiS

    So here’s my question: What more can the president do? I feel like whenever things like this happen, the cool thing to do is blame the administration for not getting out the message. But the message is out, all polling supports this bill and the tax and…still it won’t pass. So what more can be done?

    • JMAshby

      Get out the vote. Replace them as soon as possible.

  • SheriffFruitfly

    He knows he can do that shit, since “progressives” are guaranteed to blame Obama anyway. “Progressives” serve the purpose of enabling consevadems and republicans, by deflecting blame from them to Obama. Just like back during healthcare stuff.

  • jmby

    Don’t let the “D” after his name fool you. Webb is a Republican in Dems clothing. He switched parties for reasons I’ve never understood, since he obstructs Democrats and the President at every opportunity. I worked with a well-known national Progressive small business group to try to get strong Health Care Reform passed, and Jim Webb was a no-show at EVERY scheduled meeting – including the ones he initiated. Mark Warner, though also a Blue Dog, not only met with us many times, he initiated several meetings in two VA cities to discuss HCR, card swipe fees, bank non-lending, high-speed rail development, green biz initiatives and other issues near and dear to tiny, local business’ heart. Webb …not even pretended interest in any of these issues. If it wasn’t military, it wasn’t important in JimWebbWorld. I hope the door hits Webb’s ass on the way out. So glad he’s not running again.

    • ryo80

      Yeah I was at a healthcare rally back in ’09 in front of his office in Virginia Beach because he was getting in the way that time too. He is a Republican, but switched parties over differences with President Bush over the Iraq war. Looks like he’s clinging more to his Republican roots these days for sure.

  • eclecticbrotha

    When Webb says he’s concerned about the timing of the bill, he means wait till he leaves office.