A Pattern of Abuse

In the clearest sign yet that the establishment wing of the Republican party will not suffer a Herman Cain nomination, conservative villager George Will openly questioned Herman Cain's character and alleged that there may be a "pattern" of abuse during his appearance on ABC's This Week.

“A rule is when there are four women, there may be 24,” Will told ABC’s Christiane Amanpour Sunday. “There’s a pattern here. He’s says there’s no pattern because all four are not telling the truth. Well, we shall see.”

“For Republicans, it is a teachable moment because Republicans have said over and over again, character matters in leadership. We have this powerful government. The more power the government has, the more character matters in the chief executive. And this is a test for them.”

There are very few things I would agree with George Will on, but this is one of them, and it's fairly astonishing to see such a prominent conservative voice say something like this on a Sunday morning talk show. Because like it or not, a lot of opinions are formed after watching on Sundays.

The only question I have is this -- Is George Will a member of the "Democrat Machine?"

  • Bubble Genius

    It also behooves George Will to badmouth Cain because his wife’s working for Perry now.

    • Robert Scalzi

      that’s right …the proof (of where some idjit pundit stands) is in his/her partners paycheck

  • Mike Huben

    And just what did George Will say about Clarence Thomas?

  • muselet

    The first transcript paragraph is hilarious. George Will is pretending to be concerned for women who allege sexual harassment by someone who is not a Democrat. That had to be hard for Will to do.

    The second paragraph is even funnier. Will is pretending that he isn’t a career-long Republican and Republican cheerleader. “For Republicans …”, “… because Republicans …”, “… a test for them.”

    The man is a hack.


    • JMAshby

      He is a hack, and that’s why it’s as obvious as ever that the establishment does not like Herman Cain. And it’s not because of the women.

      • muselet

        Agreed. I smell just the slightest whiff of panic in the air.

        The Republican establishment was more than happy to have Herman Cain run, partly to inoculate the party against charges of racism (we can’t be racist, we have one of those people running for president, too), partly because his every utterance helped make Mitt Romney look more presidential. But for Cain to be the frontrunner is intolerable.

        When he drops back into single digits, the Rs will be happy again—and I expect George Will at that point will defend Cain against those “obviously politically-motivated” complaints.


  • Byproxy73

    It’s not just the 4 women creating the pattern; it is also Cain’s attitude toward women generally, as evidenced by his derisive language when referring to them. For most women, those remarks would be obvious red flags.

    • Dan_in_DE

      good point, Byproxy. And I think that the most damning aspect of Cain’s attitude is the dismissiveness toward the accusations. His first response was to play it cool, and act as if it was no big deal. Anyone who is actually innocent of harrassment would have taken any accusations very seriously.