Crappy News from Pakistan

Unless this is handled very delicately, it could be a very big problem:

ISLAMABAD (AP) — The Pakistani government has demanded the U.S. vacate an air base within 15 days that the CIA is suspected of using for unmanned drones.

The government issued the demand Saturday after NATO helicopters and jet fighters allegedly attacked two Pakistan army posts along the Afghan border, killing 24 Pakistani soldiers.

It's events like these that start wars. Pakistan gets pissed, so it exploits the disaster and attacks India. India fires back. Etc, etc, etc.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Sounds like the Pakistani government is looking to save face after a number of humiliations at our hands, not the least of which was taking out bin Laden while he was living right under their noses.

    If Pakistan weren’t a nuclear power, I’d tell them to go pound sand, but we can’t do that for obvious reasons. I’m sure in the end, it’ll be smoothed over with another aid package being sent to our wonderful allies.

  • dildenusa

    While George W. Bush had his head up his ass in Iraq, he was throwing 10 billions dollars down a black hole called Pakistan. Musharraf was playing both sides telling Bush he was pursuing al Queda and the Taliban while the Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency was supporting warlords like Haqqani, Hekmatyar, etc. and A. Q. Khan was selling uranium enrichment centrifuges to Iran, North Korea, Libya, etc. Musharraf and Bush knew what the ISI was doing. Then in 2007 Musharraf lost control of the whole shebang.

    Now the ISI is using the Taliban and the Afghan warlords to keep India from gaining a foothold in Afghanistan. So while Pakistan goes further into the swamp of a failed state with the Taliban and over 100 nukes the Pakistani government focuses on India as its enemy.

  • JMAshby

    I would say the Pakistani leadership doesn’t really care, but they have to pretend to care because of domestic politics. Pakistani citizens do not like us.

    This may blow over. Or the airbase will be vacated and they will simply move to a different one.