Open Thread

Down the Drain

Artist - John Cole

In other news, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips is calling for Herman Cain to exit the race for the Republican nomination. Phillips says that Cain "is in over his head and simply clueless."

I have news for Judson Phillips -- they're all in over their head and clueless. Phillips' Tea Party opened Pandora's box and now the wackos are running the show.

  • OsborneInk

    Ah, Judson Phillips. He should have been a leading indicator: all the early talk of a movement centered on fiscal restraint and eschewing culture wars ought to have died at the Tea Party Nation confab in Nashville. Yet it took another 18 months for the MSM to figure out that the leading “grassroots” voices of the tea party phenomenon were the same old culture warriors with the same idiotic agenda.

    Longtime readers will remember I got chased out of that convention hall by a shrieking harpy at the first mention of “Huffington Post.”

  • flotsamfunk

    I just think it’s funny that the front page of Drudge Report has nothing about Herman Cain and all Redstate has on the front page is how to volunteer for Herman Cain and how the sexual harassment scandal is a conspiracy.

    Isn’t this public embarrassment of one of their candidates, and glaring gaps in pretty crucial knowledge relevant to Republicans? I can’t believe I’m shocked, but seriously?! Nothing?!