Quote of the Day

"Mitt Romney is not the George W. Bush of 2012 — he is the Harriet Miers of 2012, only conservative because a few conservative grand pooh-bahs tell us Mitt Romney is conservative and for no other reason. That is precisely why Mitt Romney will not win in 2012. But no worry, once he loses, Republican establishment types will blame conservatives for not doing enough for Mitt Romney, never mind that Mitt Romney has never been able to sell himself to more than 25% of the GOP voters. It’s not his fault though, it is the 75%’s fault. Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee. And his general election campaign will be an utter disaster for conservatives as he takes the GOP down with him and burns up what it means to be a conservative in the process." Erick Erickson

One thing I've learned from listening to dangerous levels of right-wing talk radio is this: they hate Mitt Romney, and they love Herman Cain.

And as a quick aside to illustrate how far gone he is, Dennis Miller said yesterday about Newt Gingrich: "This guy's making sense to me."


  • muselet

    Yes, Erick ibn Erick is bashing Mitt Romney, which is to be expected, since Willard isn’t consistently conservative enough for most conservatives. What’s more important is that he’s seriously arguing that Willard’s looming loss in the general election means the Republican Party needs to lurch even farther to the Right.

    Conservatism cannot fail; it can only be failed.


    • ranger11

      Farther to the Right? How far can they go? Sheeeeeeeit!

      • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

        That’s like asking “how low can they go” (see other topic)….they can keep going right up to fascism and beyond and will if Americans in the middle and the left don’t stand up to them. “To batshit crazy infinity and beyond” should be their new slogan.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Shorter version of Erickson’s rant: Mitt Romney isn’t batshit crazy enough for 75% of republicans.

    As for Dennis Miller, I suspect with Cain imploding, the marching orders have come down from Ailes that they’re supposed to float Gingrich as the new Anybody-But-Romney flavor of the month.