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Artist - Jeff Parker

In other news, the first recall of a state legislator in Arizona's history will take place on Tuesday, with Senate President Russell Pearce facing a fellow Republican challenger. Russell Pearce was the mastermind behind Arizona's original iteration of "Papers Please" immigration law, and the chief proponent of expanding the private prison industry.

Rank 1 LSU faces rank 2 Alabama tonight at 8 pm EST.

Which games do you have your eye on tomorrow?

  • Dan_in_DE

    I’m so disillusioned with Glen Greenwald’s disillusionment..

    To be honest, I haven’t read much of anything from him since he started calling us Obama-lovers. But I’m aware of his ongoing doucheyness thanks to the joint Greenwald-monitoring program, intrepidly pursued by the Cesca-bots and Balloon-Juicers. So I was surprised at how reasonable and unoffensive he comes off on Chris Hayes’ show, here. It seems pretty disingenuous for Greenwald to dial back his Obama-bashing so conveniently for this moderate-left program.

    The clip is worth watching, if alone for Greenwald’s indignation at being accused of glossing over the racial component in his thesis on the “two-tiered justice system”.

  • Dan_in_DE

    Has anybody here been paying attention to the American Football? How’s Green Bay doing?

    I watched one this year -I think it was Chargers v Patriots – and it had an exciting, down to the wire finish. At about one minute to go, my free live stream cut out, causing me to miss the incredible final drive that determined the game. Now I’m reluctant to even try watching any games on the internets – and also, I have searched and searched and cant find any free streams since then.

    • staci

      Packers are 7 – 0 for the season, but I’m thinking today may be their first lost – against the San Diego Chargers. They are two up in the division followed by the Lions, Bears and Vikings in that order.

      Go Bears!

      • JMAshby

        I don’t see anyone beating the Packers. They aren’t perfect, and their defense is lacking, but any scoring potential the other team has Aaron Rodgers can double it in a split second.

  • dildenusa

    Rumor has it that if Pussell Pearce loses in the recall election he will run for Sheriff of Maricopa County if Sheriff Joe retires. As an added bonus, Arizona leads the nation in redistricting jokes.

    • Rick Janes

      Ha, ha, dildenusa — maybe ‘America’s Sheriff’ (Yes, I heard some cable Talking Head not on Fox call Arpaio that a few years back) can run for Gov. of AZ. Of course, the campaign slogan of ‘Elect Pink Underwear Joe’ might set him back, but his ‘tough guy’ image will overcome that. It’s a sure bet Wicked Witch Brewer’s never going to be elected to another office in that state, or anywhere else.

      • IrishGrrrl

        Oh, don’t underestimate the idiocy of Arizona voters. I can’t even begin to tell you how insane they are here. I mean, look how many times they’ve voted Arpaio back into office. He’s as crooked and corrupt as a man can be but they just think he’s the bees knees here.