Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh Really, Really, Really Hates Women

He especially hates black women. Michelle Obama, for example. He says she has a "self-centered, arrogant, controlling character disorder." Odd, since Rush Limbaugh has the same thing -- but his disorders also include erectile dysfunction and addiction-induced deafness.

Limbaugh has also mocked Malia Obama. Classy. Real classy. This is your moral values party. Their chief radio spokesman attacks women and children.

  • dildenusa

    Rush obviously takes his cues from the narcoterrorists in Mexico. They will attack and kill anyone in their way.

  • Username1016

    While I couldn’t agree more about what a douchebag Limbaugh is, and how out of line his comments were… “women and children”? WTF? Last time I checked, women were grown-ups, citizens, and participants in the political discourse. We don’t need no stinkin’ special protections!!! Sure, leave Malia out of it, she’s just a kid and didn’t ask to live in a fishbowl. And certainly Limbaugh’s remarks about Michelle were stupid, rude, and untrue. Call him out on THAT, not on Michelle’s gender! Sheesh.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Let me re-phrase “self-centered, arrogant, controlling character disorder.” for you: uppity.

    Like other here, I will never voluntarily listen to this sack of shit. I was forced to hear him for months on end back in the 90s (who would have thought then he would actually survive and get worse?) in the chart room doing pre-flight planning (first one in picked the radio station and only I and the German exchange pilot objected to the fat bastard’s vitriol).

    What really chaps my ass is that his crap is carried around the world on armed forces radio & television. Also, too. Having faux news playing on almost every waiting room TV in military hospitals is depressing.

  • muselet

    At the top of that clip, Limbaugh insists repeatedly that Michelle Obama wants children “to eat steak and arugula.” That sounded, oh, let’s say dubious, so I kept listening.

    Finally, after a couple of minutes of sputtering outrage, he quoted or paraphrased an item from Cybercast News Service (which Wikipedia informs me used to be called “Conservative News Service” and is an arm of L. Brent Bozell III’s Media Research Center) which doesn’t support Limbaugh’s assertion. Apparently, Mrs. Obama was asked what her favorite meal is—she said it’s steak and arugula—and at some other point said that children need their palates adjusted, presumably to the taste of real food. Conflating the two is, surprise surprise, extremely dishonest.

    At 2:10, I had to shut the clip off because I wanted to throw my computer at the wall, so I have no idea what other lies Limbaugh told about Mrs. Obama.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Rush Limbaugh is a thirteen-year-old boy, fascinated and terrified in equal measure by ladybits and by the possessors of ladybits.


  • laddieluv

    Cannot listen to this piece of human dreck. ever.

    But I always say in the morning, “It’s a new day. Isn’t Rush Limpbalz dead yet?”

    ……..hope………springs eternal.

  • Matt McDaniel

    As I’ve noted before, the difference between conservatives and the Mafia is that the mob leaves women and children out of it.

  • nicole

    Adding……another misogynistic racist creep— in the form of a progressive this time.

  • villemar

    I hope he chokes on his own bile.

  • burbank_burt

    Admittedly, I have not listened to the clip (I can’t stomach the guy). If he states about her: “self-centered, arrogant, controlling character disorder,” what is his evidence of that? I really don’t understand why he is allowed to remain in broadcasting. If Howard Cosell could be ousted for saying “That little monkey gets loose, doesn’t he?” — something he called his grandson and other white players — or Jimmy “The Greek” could be ousted for his racially insensitive statements about Black people’s breeding… how does Limpballs retain his job?

    • staci

      Don’tcha know – we have a black president now and are post racial nation. As such, the right wing has been released from any bit of restraint they had to exercise when the racism had to be more subtle. The election of Barack Obama made it clear that we are not a racist country anymore, so any bullshit insult you can hawk up is okay to spit out.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Because for his audience, what he says is just called “red meat”.

  • Chachizel

    What an asshole!! Somebody tell these right wing douch bags that that “Moo-chelle” shit is just not funny.

  • CanadaGoose

    He loves to attack people who can’t fight back. The President’s wife and children can’t and won’t engage with the likes of him.

  • nicole

    This creep shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the damn airwaves to spread his hate. blech.

    As to Michelle Obama…….she is a first lady of which to be extremely proud. An intelligent, socially conscious, well spoken advocate for those who tend to be forgotten in this country of loudmouth know-nothings.

    Limbaugh should only hope to have 1/100th of her character. Stupid asshole that he is.