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Selecting a Candidate

Artist - Dave Granlund

In other news, a major Republican donor filed a lawsuit today in South Carolina accusing Governor Nikki Haley of illegally lobbying while serving as a lawmaker, failing to disclose income in excess of 150,000 dollars that she earned from said lobbying, and of failing to recuse herself from voting on legislation benefiting the companies she was illegally lobbying for.

Very serious charges.

  • dildenusa

    Sleazy politicians and other assorted government employees cashing in on their connections to the rich and powerful is nothing new. But Newt Gingrich is taking this to an art form. I don’t think he will survive the scrutiny.

    There is something wrong with a system that rewards lawlessness among our corporate and political elites while treating peaceful protesters and law abiding citizens as criminals for no reason other than suspicion and power. Even Forbes magazine has come down on the police response to Occupy Wall Street.