Open Thread

Seriously Fubared

Artist - Jen Sorensen

In other news, according to an exit-poll conducted by the AFL-CIO following Tuesday's vote in Ohio, approximately half of those who voted would be less likely to support Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate specifically because he supported Governor John Kasich's anti-union law SB5.

  • Obama_FTW

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding this but the first slide says a baby is about to be born, then it’s a recently born fetus, then a pre-human. And pre-human refers to itself as 7B. Does this mean the baby reverses its own gestation period? Maybe I’m trying to make too much sense out of this? Or I just haven’t had enough coffee to get it.

  • Zina Z

    Yes, I agree. I think we should hear from the unborn. LOL!

  • Karen Weber

    Love this–“Fumin’ pre-human” should be a regular cartoon series