Civil War

Shocker: Bill O'Reilly's Lincoln Book is Crap

O'Reilly wrote a book about the Lincoln assassination, and it's loaded with name and detail errors. Historian Edward Steers points out the most fictitious section:

The authors write that she was forced to wear a padded hood when not on trial, and that she was imprisoned in a cell aboard the monitor Montauk, which was “barely habitable.” She suffered from “claustrophobia and disfigurement caused by the hood,” and was “barely tended to by her captors.” “Sick and trapped in this filthy cell, Mary Surratt took on a haunted, bloated appearance.” None of this is true. Mary Surratt was never shackled or hooded at any time. She was never imprisoned aboard the Montauk, but taken to the Carroll Annex of the Old Capitol Prison before being transferred to the women’s section of the Federal Penitentiary at the Washington’s Arsenal.

O'Reilly presents this book as an historical account, but it simply can't be trusted as factual.

Furthermore, how the hell does Bill O'Reilly get to write a book about Lincoln?

  • Sheeeeeit

    My question is, who the hell buys it?

  • Kevin M. Hagerman

    Yeah, RIGHT. I suppose next you’re going to tell me Frederick Douglass never asked Lincoln for more muthafuckin’ iced tea.

  • bphoon

    O’Reilly presents this book as an historical account, but it simply can’t be trusted as factual.

    Nothing O’Reilly says or writes can be trusted as factual.

  • muselet

    Great Ghu, I just checked and O’Reilly’s abomination was published by Henry Holt and Co., which at least used to be a perfectly respectable house.

    I knew the publishing industry was in trouble, but I didn’t know things were this bad.


  • Rick Janes

    You’d think someone who wrongly harangued American soldiers for slaughtering unarmed German prisoners at Malmedy in WWII, when the easily-verified truth was just the opposite, would avoid the subject of history altogether. A friend is getting a book published on old sci-fi and horror f ilms and his factual assertions are being examined for accuracy by a diligent fact-checker; who the hell does Bill’s fact-checking — Megyn Kelly?

  • Curtis Robert Tyree

    My favorite thing was when he discusses the oval office, which wasn’t built by that time.

  • D_C_Wilson

    The sad thing is, this guy used to be a high school history teacher. I feel so sorry for his students.

    • Rick Janes

      Just as bad as Newt Gingrich teaching college-level history. “None of FDR’s programs worked!” Really; wonder how he happened to be reelected four times if he was such an unmitigated failure?

  • cousinavi

    Bill O’Reilly is a leading expert on any subject on which he might choose to hold forth: Economics, social policy, history, the ebb and flow of the tides.
    And insofar as those who will slavishly purchase anything “Written” by BillO are concerned, he’s right and anyone who disagrees is wrong.
    Soon, somewhere, a small child writing an essay on Lincoln will list this pathetic waste of paper in her bibliography as she explains to her dumbfounded teacher how Honest Abe was a victim of what would later become known as Dirty Hippies.

  • JMAshby

    What I don’t understand is this — during the course of writing this book, what compelled him to start just makin’ shit up? What was his motive?