Tea Party People Begged for Earmarks, Socialism

Tea party Republicans are incredible hypocrites.

Newsweek put together a compilation of letters from tea party-friendly Republicans asking federal agencies for funds for their own districts. For example, Eric Cantor tried to get about $3 billion for a rail project in his state, while decrying rail projects in other states. Other letters are from Allen West, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, David Vitter and Ron Paul.

Check out "Libertarian" Ron Paul's letter requesting federal government transportation cash for his district, even though Ron Paul would dissolve the Department of Transportion.

Check out Rick Perry's letter begging for $2 billion in stimulus money -- STIMULUS MONEY!

Here's tea party favorite Michele Bachmann begging for transportation money.

This is the modern Republican Party. Utterly shameless.

  • IrishGrrrl

    You know, other than Rachel Maddow, I haven’t heard anyone paying to attention to these letters. Our 4th Estate is well and truly dead. Asshats

  • jmby

    Cantor has the unmitigated gall to suddenly be on board (no pun intended) with the high speed rail project only AFTER deriding it at the top of his lungs when the President announced the funds were awarded to Virginia. The need for high speed rail in the Commonwealth is huge and the project is overwhelmingly popular, but that slimeball opposed it solely because the President proposed it. Then he had the balls to suddenly champion it as HIS idea, while seeking to deny rail improvement to other states. What a wad.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Well, there is a convenient “out” for these people; they can always argue, “Well, you know, the money’s going to be spent anyway, somewhere, so why shouldn’t my district get its fair share of it? As long as it’s being spent anyway, might as well get mine.”

    I heard that a lot when GOP/TP congresspeople took stimulus (Recovery Act) money, posed with those giant checks, bragged to their constituents that they got $X million for them. Same thing with regard to GOP/TP congresspeople accepting government health insurance, Medicare, Social Security benefits etc. “Hey, as long as it’s there, might as well take advantage of it.”

    This way they can be hypocritical without feeling hypocritical. They can think [X] is a bad idea and should go away, but as long as it’s here, you know, why not?

  • mzmijewski

    I think we should get rid of all the police forces, fire departments, local departments of transportation and the most important thing to get rid of is congress. We will do this after we get our money.

    • Madam1


  • gescove

    Republican hypocrisy. Dog bites man. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • Draxiar

    I truly hope the Democratic Party and major media outlets seize this brilliant opportunity to hunt down these people with this silver bullet of information.

    • Madam1

      With the exception of Rachel Maddow, they won’t! Was there any mention of the OWS in Oakland last night on NBC’s Brian Williams? Nope, there was nothing. They opened with Herman Cain’s story because that makes a fucking difference in my life. We all know he’s not really running and these stories are just propping this idiot up. Meanwhile the GOP’s making sure we protect our national motto and making sure people on food stamps get fucked even further.

      This morning on our “Liberal” talk radio station, KGO, out of San Francisco Ex-Mayor Willie Brown was decrying the OWS movement as having no clear goals and for being too vague. He went on about how superior his work in the civil rights movement was and how these kids needs a singular goal. The host Ron Owens went on to praise the Tea Party as having a clear objective to cut all gov’t spending and that’s why they’ve been so successful.

      I’m so sick of MSM putting these guys down. The system is so messed up and stacked against the averge american that there is no singular culprit. Who the fuck else has stood up to Wall St, which represents numerous corporations fucking us over, and their endless, unlimited funding of campaigns? Not the tea partiers. They’re funded by the Kochs, Dick Army, and the American Heritage Foundation the very people we are fed up with. While I don’t support violence in these protests, I support the movement 100%. We have lost our progressive voice in the political discourse and finally have the dialgue headed away from she who will not be named up there in Alaska (wink) and toward what can be done to help our country find a happy medium. There will always be poor people and super rich people as well, but let’s make sure the group in the middle can support, feed, educate, and enjoy our families.

      Oh and fuck you Willie Brown! How dare you side with Wall Street and against our right to protest. If we didn’t have this right, you’d have been lynched by now. For crying out loud, stand with us and support the left. Don’t bash the only people who have finally risen up.

      Yep, I’m pissed.