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The Deadline

Artist - Daryl Cagle

In other news, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were booed during their appearance at Homestead-Miami Speedway today. The pair attended to honor military families and promote the employment of veterans.

Stay classy, NASCAR fans.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Honey, Nascar and “classy” should never be used in the same sentence!

  • Mustang Bobby

    If it had been Michele Bachmann instead of Michelle Obama, the crowd would have gone wild, with at least one of the dudes shouting “Show us your tits!”

  • dildenusa

    The tea party republics decided before the souper committee had its first meeting that they would use it to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. End of story.

    Well, the boos definitely drowned out any cheers for Michele Obama and Jill Biden. Although apparently the drivers stood and cheered for the work they are doing for veterans. Here is my take on nascar.

    National Association of Shitheads and Cynical Asshole Rednecks.

    • Robert Scalzi

      I had a different acronym but your’s is waay better

      national association of southern cracker arrogant racists

  • Gern Blandston

    I’m less surprised by a bunch of rednecks booing the FLOTUS than I am by the the fact that anyone thought it was a good idea for her to be there in the first place. I agree in theory that there isn’t anywhere in the world she *shouldn’t* be welcome, but this is the United Partisan States. As well to send POTUS himself to speak at a Tea Party rally (come to think on it, its much the same thing, really). What could they possibly have expected?

    National Association of Screaming Crazy Asshole Rednecks

  • Kari Hope

    Nascar is the new plantation not to mention the GOP base. They sure didn’t mind taking millions to sponsor a racecar did they?