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The New Responsibility

Artist - RJ Matson

In other news, the Republican witch-hunt over clean-energy loans granted by the Department of Energy that was launched after the collapse of Solyndra has lead to a the door steps of SunPower Corp. The problem for the Republicans is that SunPower Corp. is constructing solar installations for the Department of Defense. The Republican sacred-cow. Woops!

If you want to know why the conversation surrounding the Solyndra witch-hunt has gone silent, this is why.

By the way, the Navy has committed to obtaining 50% of its energy needs from alternative sources by 2020. Does this mean the DoD has been hijacked by tree-hugging, liberal socialists?

  • CarolDuhart

    The Navy has to deal with the real world-doing otherwise loses wars. They can see that in order to defend the United States properly, we better not rely on sources of energy that can be cut off at a moment’s notice. Nor coming from regimes whose stability is at best tenous. One thing about alternative energy is that it doesn’t need to be transported from far away by convoys that can be always attacked. Alternative energy is locally generated and readily available.

  • OsborneInk

    And of course, the usual suspects in Congress would force the Navy to burn dirty fuels — whether they want the Navy wants them or not.

  • JackDaniel07

    Great info below the toon tonight dude

  • peonyharp

    Anchors away, I say!

    Regarding today’s political cartoon — ouch. There are Americans who read those panels while shaking their heads in assent, muttering, “Yeah, that’s about right; that’s how it should be,” taking the whole damn thing literally.

    Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy the “here’s today’s artist’s take on current events, say good-night,” feature you brought to Bob’s blog, Ashby? Fodder for dreams.

    • JMAshby

      Glad you approve.