Election 2012

They Really Don’t Like Mitt Romney

Die-hard social conservatives are having a tough time picking their favorite candidate out of the Republican Presidential Field of Awfulness, and while each candidate has his or her own issues, what they can all agree on is that they really don't like Mitt Romney.

It’s no secret that social conservatives are not thrilled about the prospect of Mitt Romney winning the Republican presidential nomination, but what is a secret is the meeting key leaders of the movement in Iowa held this week to prevent that prospect from becoming a reality. Representatives for leading social conservative groups met covertly in Iowa Monday with the hope of choosing an alternative candidate that social conservatives could unite behind [...]

In their search for an alternative, attendees at the Iowa meeting disqualified Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) because of his libertarian leanings on social issues, and also dimissed Herman Cain because of a “lack of consistency on issues of sanctity of life and marriage” and “some concern he’s maybe not quite experienced enough in civics.”

No Ron Paul. No Herman Cain. No Mitt Romney. Gingrich is unlikely because of his laundry list of ethical issues.

Who does that leave? It leaves Rick Perry.

According to CNN, the attendees at this secret meeting of Viva la Resistance included, but were not limited to, the "Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, The Family Leader, the group Iowa Right to Life, and a representative for the Iowa chapter of Concerned Women for America."

That sounds like Rick Perry's people. And while Perry's poll numbers may be in the gutter right now, the current front-runner status of Newt Gingrich tells us anything is possible.

A clash between Libertarian ideals and social conservatism in the Republican party has created an environment where no single candidate can please the entire Right Wing, but Rick Perry may be able to fill that mold through shear faux-cowboy bravado.

If Mitt Romney does go on to become the nominee, it may be a sign that social conservatism is either dead or dying.

via ThinkProgress

  • dildenusa

    I don’t like Mitt Romney either. But not because he is a member of a bogus religious cult or because when he was governor of Massachusets he was pro choice and signed a health care law that President Obama based his federal legislation on. I don’t like him because he is a corporatist free market clown.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I still think Perry’s campaign is nothing but an experiment to see how stupid a candidate has to be before he becomes unacceptable even to republicans. If he manages to get the nomination, then there will truly be no bottom.

  • mrbrink

    I’ve been counting down to the Iowa primary like George Bailey and Uncle Billy and friends trying to save the Building & Loan with a couple bucks to spare.

    We’re almost closed!

    I still can’t believe that these are the people charged with overthrowing “the worst president in American history.” I’ve quietly maintained the possibility that we have yet to see all the candidates. I thought that there was a good chance someone resembling a serious grown up would enter the race on behalf of the GOP– like a controlling father not content with watching the family business destroyed overnight by their spoiled idiot kids. Or another Palin character, which taught the party that you can basically appeal to cult of personality and still manipulate 60 million people to vote for you on really short notice.

    But without a base of right wing religious crazies, the GOP is a fringe minority.

    Tough break for religious freedom, tolerance, and enlightenment.

    I just happened to be watching local channel 2 news Chicago which sent out weekend-anchorman Rob Johnson for their 10 p.m. news broadcast the night the super committee fell through to report this very crucial sticking point:

    “Democrats failed…”

    — failed to work with eager republicans in a bipartisan effort, forcing both sides to ultimately fail to reach an agreement.

    He could have said, “Democrats failed to make it rain down during drought on a perfectly cloudy day” and it would have carried the same logic and intent.

    The multi-nationals’ propaganda arm are all packed up in the windowless van with a big bag of candy circling the neighborhood looking for innocent hearts and minds to bury in a floorboard of captive exploitation.

    So, Rick Perry is in pretty good shape if you’ve lost all hope for rational dialog with right wing America, or ethics in media, which I have.

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      It is kind of like living in a loony bin isn’t it?

  • JWheels

    “If Mitt Romney does go on to become the nominee, it may be a sign that social conservatism is either dead or dying.”

    God I hope so.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Just wait. When Romney loses, their response will be that they lost because they didn’t go with a “real conservative” and they will have to go even further to the right in 2016.

      • JWheels

        I’m still hoping 2010 was an aberration and the pattern of Republicans being owned in general elections will continue as it has since 2006. But if they do that in 2016, I think they’re done completely, so that scenario is a win-win for me.