This Is What's the Matter With Kansas

Sam Brownback's office scolded a kid for correctly, though jokingly, tweeting that the wingnut Kansas governor "sucked."

Only she didn't actually say it directly to the governor. She tweeted that she did as a joke. In other words, "Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot."

But she was scolded and reprimanded anyway, even though she never said any such thing to the governor.

She was right, of course. And evidently, in Kansas, freely expressing an opinion about the governor is a scold-worthy trespass.

  • hanadora444

    Idiotic, isn’t it? No one would ever have heard about this teenager and her somewhat less than outrageous comment if the gov and his puppets at the school hadn’t had this ham fisted reaction. Now everybody’s heard about it and they have proven that he really does suck. And, of course #heblowsalot.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I took the liberty of writing her “letter of apology” for her on my blog:

    Dear Governor Brownback:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    I am sorry that you and my principal don’t understand this.

    I also emailed a link to Brownback’s office.

  • holyreality

    Well, it takes a Village and all that good Clinton stuff, so Brownback was just lashing a good liberal village input for the young lass.

    I’d expect nothing less actually. Would if sound better if he was a pushover that let some kid “not” say that he indeed sucks?

    Cut the guy some slack, potshots are fun and all, but it gets mean spirited just piling on the guy.

    Kids need to do better than just saying he sucks, that is as lame as it was when I was her age, but during those days one really KNEW everything already thus, not deserving of slack.

    • muselet

      Not picking on you, but …

      Cut the guy some slack, potshots are fun and all, but it gets mean spirited just piling on the guy.

      From the Wikipedia:

      In April 2011, Brownback signed a bill banning abortion after 21 weeks based on the view that fetuses can feel pain at that point, and a bill requiring that a doctor gets a parent’s notarized signature for girls under 17 who want an abortion.

      In May 2011, Brownback approved a bill prohibiting insurance companies from offering abortion coverage as part of general health plans, unless the procedure is necessary to save a woman’s life. The law also prohibits any health-insurance exchange in Kansas established under the federal health care overhaul law from offering coverage for abortions, other than to save a woman’s life.…

      A Kansas budget passed with Brownback’s approval in 2011 blocked Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri from receiving family planning funds from the state. The funding amounts to about $330,000 per year.


      Brownback eliminated the Kansas Arts Commission in May 2011, making Kansas the only state without an arts agency.


      In July 2011, Brownback announced plans to close the Lawrence branch of the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services as a cost-saving measure.


      Brownback was the only other governor to attend Governor Rick Perry’s prayer event in August 2011.


      In August 2011, Brownback announced he was rejecting a $31.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to set up an insurance exchange as part of the federal health care reform law. In June 2011, Brownback stated he planned on accepting the grant. His office stated the sudden decision to not accept the grant was due to the money not allowing Kansas “sufficient flexibility.”

      Sounds to me like he sucks. At the very least, he’s done very little in his career to deserve slack, and throwing a wobbly over a mildly-derogatory tweet from a high school student seen by all 80 of her followers strikes me as an overreaction—the very idea of his having staffers monitoring social media for mentions of him strikes me as a ridiculous waste of resources and taxpayers’ money. (And contacting the girl’s principal strikes me as overreach at best, bullying at worst.)

      For my money, Sam Brownback deserves every potshot—and most cheap shots—that comes his way.


  • Teresa McCarthy-Greene

    He shall forever be known as; Governor Crybaby.

  • Corebela

    I think some school principals think they are the dictator of the school.

  • Cynicor

    Turns out Santorum is a byproduct of Brownbacking.

  • nicole

    It’s interesting how loosely the rights given us via the first amendment are interpreted by Conservatives.

    And here i always thought that they couldn’t even spell “fascist”.

  • bphoon

    Not only that but her principal (she’s an 18-y/o HS senior) gave her a one-hour face-to-face reprimand & has demanded she apologize to the Governor in writing. He even gave her talking points to include. The governor’s staff monitor social media for posts about the Governor and, at least in this case, went public with attempts to intimidate. Her school principal obviously enthusiastically joined in this effort.

    People across the nation are speaking up in support of this girl. Her Twitter account has gone from ~80 followers to over 2400 as of this morning. Her Twitter handle is @emmakate988 if you’d like to speak up in support of her. Our Governor’s handle is @govsambrownback if you’d like a shot at getting on his shit list.

  • missliberties

    Don’t criticize Jesus aka Sam Brownback.