I’m Not Racist. I Just Profited From Racism.

The idea that Ron Paul was unaware of, or not involved with, the gold-coin-pedaling, racist newsletter, the Ron Paul Survival Report, continues to unravel.

The publishing operation was lucrative. A tax document from June 1993—wrapping up the year in which the Political Report had published the "welfare checks" comment on the L.A. riots—reported an annual income of $940,000 for Ron Paul & Associates, listing four employees in Texas (Paul's family and Rockwell) and seven more employees around the country. If Paul didn't know who was writing his newsletters, he knew they were a crucial source of income and a successful tool for building his fundraising base for a political comeback.

Ron Paul's family-run business was making nearly $1 million per year off of the Ron Paul Survival Report.

Even if he didn't write them, a claim which I find to be dubious, he had to have at least known that he was profiting off of intensely racist and homophobic conspiracy-mongering.

And if he truly didn't know the subject matter of a newsletter carrying his namesake, what does that say about his level of competency?

  • trgahan

    This stuff is just too cliché anymore. Surprise you scared racist right wing ding bats! Another of your hero’s is manipulating you for profit. Next will be Paul saying he has many black friends who read and love the news letter he had nothing to do with.

  • jjasonham

    The constant exposure of the Pauls, Gingrichs, Perrys, etc is exactly what we have needed to have happen for the last decade or so. These people and their ideas cannot withstand the full force of scrutiny.

  • nicole

    “And if he truly didn’t know the subject matter of a newsletter carrying his namesake, what does that say about his level of competency?”

    Don’t even go there, Ashby. There is literally no possibility that he didn’t know.

    Adding….I have worked on more than a few campaigns & I am familiar with the “back” talk because some of those campaigns were to elect family friends. To say that a political campaign is micro-managed is an understatement.
    The candidates KNOW what is being put out in their names.

    • JMAshby

      Chill. I agree there’s no way he didn’t know. Devil’s advocate.