Breitbart Writer Steps into Nazi Propaganda

Here's some solid advice: If you're going to repurpose old propaganda imagery (like I did with the logo for this site) you better make sure it wasn't originally an anti-Jew cartoon from Nazi Germany.

Media Matters discovered that a writer working for Breitbart's "Big Journalism" blog inadvertently used a cartoon that shows a large man hovering over people reading newspapers. The large man is the "liberal media" and he's sprinkling news into the crowd.

Unfortunately for Breitbart, it was originally a Nazi cartoon that depicted "the media" as a stereotypical Jewish man. (Get it? Jews control the media!)


Perhaps they should employ some actual big journalism at Big Journalism and research the sources for the images attached to their stupid posts.

  • jmby

    Hey, Republicans- Joseph Goebbels called – he wants his evil shit back.

  • mrbrink

    1942 Kladderadatsch is a really long way to go for some White Power hamburgers.

    If Breitbart had a time machine, we’d all be speaking German.

  • muselet

    Andrew Breitbart is just continuing the theme of his vast media empire *snerk*—you know, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, Big Lie …


    • IrishGrrrl

      Big ahole (I appear to be in a cussing mood today)

      • muselet

        Andrew Breitbart is … Goatse?

        Explains a lot, actually.


        • IrishGrrrl

          LMFAO! I had to look that up…thankfully there were no pictures attached to the meme description. But YES Alo, you are correct…..

  • Bob Rutledge

    I would argue with the use of “inadvertently”.

    • muselet

      Agreed. It’s kind of hard to inadvertently cover up a Star of David.


      • IrishGrrrl

        Agree squared. Inadvertent my ass