Daniel Day-Lewis as President Lincoln

Eerily accurate. Daniel Day-Lewis was spotted in a Virginia restaurant while filming Steven Spielberg's forthcoming Lincoln, based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals:

I've seen a lot of awful movie and TV versions of Lincoln (Sam Waterston as Mini-Lincoln and Hal Holbrooke as Squished Lincoln) and, even though he's wearing modern clothing, this is easily the most accurate Lincoln so far. And not surprising given Day-Lewis' attention to detail. I'm also looking forward to the voice, which historians believe was high pitched.

  • Fembot45

    Just finished Team of Rivals this weekend. The first half was difficult to get through, but the second half was epic! So excited for this movie, and Sally Field as the head injury prone Mary Todd-Lincoln is another great casting choice, very similar in face and build.

  • donmateocorleone

    Who better than a Englishman to play one of the most iconic American presidents….

    • Scopedog

      Well, two Englishmen have played two iconic American superheroes: Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Henry Cavill in the upcoming SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL.

      But we got our revenge–Robert Downey Jr. playing Sherlock Holmes (and being darned good, in my opinion!).

  • Annie Bodnar

    arguably the best actor of his (my) generation… he will BECOME lincoln.

  • jmby

    Hilarious that this photo’s been published, as he had a major scene on a main, historic Richmond thoroughfare cancelled because he didn’t want “the public” looking at him. (Forget the hundreds of extras, or the eventual audiences. Just don’t let residents on Monument Ave. get an accidental peek.) Guess the above-the- ground tunnel he wanted wasn’t going to be enough.

    Don’t get me wrong – he looks great and will probably be very good, but – come on. He’s an ACTOR. People are supposed to see him. Get over it, DDL.

  • nicole

    THAT is amazing. Looking forward to seeing it!

  • Bubble Genius

    Oy. Spielberg needs to stop making movies. I wonder where he’ll put the Group Hug in this picture. I guess somewhere after the Civil War, where he says “If only I’d saved more black people.”

    • Bob Rutledge

      Even a unset clock is right once a day (the digital age strikes clichés)… Maybe this movie is the one.

      • Bubble Genius

        I have a feeling that movie may be War Horse. Someone I know said it made him cry like a baby. I’ve totally lost interest in Spielberg. Life’s too short to be hit over the head for 3 hours with a syrup-covered stick.

        • Bob Rutledge

          Oh, I was agreeing with your overall point. Spielberg makes the same film over and over again with different sets and costumes, IMO.

          I just like DDL and Lincoln, so I’m hoping this one is good. :)

  • Clancy

    Personally, I can’t wait for the film adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.