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Kim Jong Il is Dead

Last night:

North Korean television announced in a "special broadcast" that its leader Kim Jong Il has died in Pyongyang, the AP reports.

Kim's death was announced Monday from the state capital of Pyongyang. He reportedly suffered a stroke in 2008, but appeared relatively healthy on recent trips around Asia, which were documented by state media.

Reuters adds that the country had begun transferring power to his son, Kim Jong-un, who is believed to be in his late 20s.

We have to wonder now whether his son will be more awful, or if there might be a break in the darkness. Literally...

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  • D_C_Wilson
  • jmby

    Change my have already started: NK agreed last week to stop uranium enrichment, and allow inspectors in, in exchange for food aid. The timing can’t be coincidental.

  • Corebela

    WHAT!!!! That was my reaction when I read that headline. I think he has been dead for days now. Just because it can’t be a coincidence that they are now saying they will end the nuclear program for lots of food and then 3 or 4 days later he’s dead.

  • dildenusa

    I hope all those lights are fluorescent or at least compact fluorescent lights. And it would be nice if 50% of the energy came from renewable energy.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Bob, that’s pretty cool. It took me a minute to orient myself on the map but yeah, there is a blank spot where North Korea should be. There is one bright spot in that area–must be Pyongyang?

    Let’s hope that Kim Jong Il’s death is a change for the better. The North Korean people have been suffering for too long. I heard (and am not sure if this is true) that there are very few birds in North Korea because people eat them to survive. Yet they are still so brainwashed as to call Kim Jong Il “Beloved” Leader. I honestly hope if there is a Hell that he is burning in it right now.