Open Thread

Mission Accomplished

Artist - RJ Matson

In other news... there is no news today! It's all football, oysters, and beer here.

  • shutyourmouthuseyourbrain

    What a great picture. Sending big thanks to our braves troops and our pragmatic true to his word POTUS Obama. Why can’t the Iraq war heroes get a ticker tape parade tho?

    • ranger11

      Wasn’t there a parade for the end of the Gulf War in ’91? That was basically just an air-war. My father fought in the Korean War and it always annoyed him that WW2 got all the attention and his guys got none. We don’t handle losses or ambiguity very well in this country. It’s either a rout or nothing at all.

  • Chachizel

    Bob and JM, happy holiday, or Merry Christmas…whichever u prefer, our both. Enjoy!

  • mrbrink

    I can’t even begin to quantify how many words I’ve spent arguing with wingnuts and a great many moderates over the legality and morality of bombing and occupying Iraq since 2002. I knew it was coming well before March 2003, so I was out in front of the propaganda warning anyone who would listen that we were being lied to and led to the slaughter by CEO cowards who had never seen the face of war and mass death.

    I’ll never forget the bribery and economic strong-arming it took to wave around a “Coalition of the Willing,” or when Bush forced UN weapons inspectors out of the country. Operation “Shock and Awe.” I’ll never forget when the body armor was scarce and later dismissed by Rumsfeld, or when the IED’s were taking out whole convoys. When WMDs were nowhere to be found. The plastic wrapped billions that went missing on a Baghdad tarmac. The looting of a whole culture and destruction of a sovereign nation’s ancient history– robbed due to the top-down decision to divert U.S. military resources to protect oil wells and pipelines. When the white phosphorus was raining down on civilians already dealing with a toxic landscape of depleted uranium and landfill war waste. The war profiteering defense contractors that became household names, the partitioning of whole neighborhoods, the door-to-door raids, the bodies piling up in the streets, the refugee crisis. The sectarian proxy wars. Knowing that Iraq had never experienced the insanity of a suicide bomber until we set foot on Iraqi soil. Watching the suicides among the enlisted become an epidemic. Seeing Dick Cheney’s secret energy task force maps divvying up the known oil reserves in a post-Saddam Iraq. Abu Ghraib and the mainstreaming of torture and strike-first policy. The capture and lynch mob execution of Saddam.

    We’ve come along way since George W. Bush declared, “Mission Accomplished!”

    And while Bush got to keep Saddam’s pistol to hang in his $300 million dollar legacy library as a testament to his phony-cowboy bravado– the world got to keep the poverty, mass graves, generations of birth defects, and the legacy of GOP war crimes.

    I apologize for being such a downer, but this little cartoon(excellent choice)reminded me that it’s important to remember where we came from. Withdrawal has been treated by many on the left as no-big deal, or discarded outright as cynical politics, or just taken for granite. Maybe blogger-Iraq-fatigue just caught up to us, and maybe it’s just lost on the post-Bush generation.

    I just hope our Iraqi military vets can find some peace and closure this Christmas. There are no words that will even begin to describe the sacrifices they’ve made, above and beyond the call of duty.

    “Welcome home” is just the beginning.

  • Bob Rutledge

    Have a Goddam Awesome Christmas, everybody!