Occupy Joe Walsh's Office

Occupy protesters have set up shop inside Rep. Joe Walsh's office on the Hill, and I effing love this.

About half an hour ago, a group of demonstrators entered Rep. Joe Walsh’s (R-IL) office. These protesters asked to meet with the congressman. The Chief of Staff, Justin Roth, said that Walsh was busy and could only meet with them later but offered to meet with the protesters himself. “I think we’ll stay,” said one protester. Roth shrugged and the protesters sat down and decided to occupy the office until Walsh arrives.

He's a member of the crazy caucus, he's a deadbeat, and he has a really, really short fuse. The perfect asshole to antagonize and target with an Occupy demonstration.

More like this, please!

  • peonyharp
  • nicole

    I love it!

    I would love to see “Occupy the U.S. Chamber” even more. The Chamber is the one with all the money which they use to elect their stooges and buy votes.

  • martha_davidson

    Great news, can’t wait for this blowhard, deadbeat ignoramus to loose his seat.

  • Chris Williamson

    As a resident of Illinois, I couldn’t be happier to hear about this. Occupy all of his offices, in Washington, and in Illinois. Make that guy realize he’s a one term congressman.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I hope everything there has a video camera ready to get his inevitable meltdown up on Youtube.