Republican Party

Republican Obstructionism

The Senate Republicans are responsible for the most filibusters ever.

Most recently they filibustered job creation and an extension of the payroll tax cut. Yep. During a slow recovery from the deepest recession since the Great Depression. All because they want President Obama to fail.

Cynical politics over people. The modern Republican Party.

  • Tally Briggs

    It’s TRAGIC this isn’t on the FRONT PAGE ABOVE THE FOLD of every newspaper in the country, and the LEAD STORY for every NEWS SHOW.

    • muselet

      “Process stories are boring for our audience.” (TRANSLATION: We’re too lazy to be bothered reminding people of concepts they were exposed to in high school—possibly even middle school—Civics class.)


      • Rick Janes

        And now they don’t even bother teaching civics anymore, according to my retired teacher friends. ‘Teach to the test,’ is the order of the day, and there aren’t any questions about civics in the test. Too controversial.

  • andrewdski

    Was that rightmost column >150? If so, I’d have rounded the height of the bar to 200.

  • Ned F

    That’s really incredible. Of course, when the R’s win back the senate in 2012 and the D’s try filibustering a few times, the Nuclear Option will once again be an accepted maneuver. Then they’ll change the Senate rules to do away with the filibuster and the press will praise them for bold and decisive governing.

  • Corebela