Too Christmas-y? Not Christmas-y Enough?

Which is it? Is the Obama Administration engaged in a war on Christmas? Or are they actually spending too much money on Christmas?

That's the question I began asking myself after this bit of asshattary scrolled across my Twitter timeline today.

The economy may be weak, unemployment strong and the first family soon to vacate the White House for another half-month of vacation in Hawaii.

But the Obamas have gone all out in decorating their house this year, including a nearly quarter-ton gingerbread White House.

They have also installed 37 different Christmas trees. Thirty of the trees are live, or were, including one nearly 19-feet tall from Wisconsin. Seven of the three dozen Christmas trees are artificial or homemade including, of course, one from recyclables. [...]

How simple, politically astute, symbolically helpful and cost-effective it would have been for the Obamas this year to say that in sympathy with so many struggling countrymen, they were curtailing holiday decorations to match the sacrifices of others.

A Christmas tree made out of recyclables?

That settles it, then. Socialism has come to the White House.

Someone should inform Andrew Malcom that the Obama family does not personally own the Christmas trees, nor were the Christmas trees installed for the Obama family's own personal amusement.

A quick search for the number of Christmas trees found in the Bush White House during the 2008 holiday season, a time when the entire country was on the brink, turned up nothing. Probably because no one was counting. Because it doesn't fucking matter.

  • incredulous72

    It both irritates and makes me chuckle to see republicans tied up in knots because they can’t seem to catch a good “down with Obama” wave.

    Uh, he got bin laden and a host of other al qaeda operatives.

    Uh, he just produced his birth certificate.

    Uh, he’s cut taxes for the middle and working class and he’s trying to not only extend the payroll tax cut, but increase it.

    (this is from the pissy left)
    Uh, no he’s not and uh, yes he did. In record time mind you.

    It would be comical, if this country wasn’t in such disarray because of republicans.

  • muselet

    How simple, politically astute, symbolically helpful and cost-effective it would have been for the Obamas this year to say that in sympathy with so many struggling countrymen, they were curtailing holiday decorations to match the sacrifices of others.

    And if the Obamas had done so, the very same people would be screaming themselves hoarse that it’s not the Obamas’ house, it’s America’s house and how dare those blackety-black-black atheistmuslimsocialistKenyannazicommies not decorate America’s house for the most special holiday of the year?

    Asshattery doesn’t begin to describe this.


  • ainsleyroad

    There are specials every year on television about the “White House Christmas.” The WH is decorated every single year. This is not a new tradition. If the repubs think it is, then what more proof do we need that they are inept. I hate them.

    • D_C_Wilson

      You’re forgetting that nothing happened before January 20, 2009. That’s why everything Obama does is outrageous and unprecedented.

  • CarolDuhart

    If it’s not the vacation, it’s the trees. But it’s really racism. Notice how everytime the Obamas travel for pleasure there are complaints that he shouldn’t do that. Nobody else got those complaints, not even Bush when he went for month-long vacations. Notice how they complain about Michelle going anywhere, even on good-will trips overseas, how they complain about Obama’s trips to foreign leaders. The bottom line is that they resent the fact that Obama lives there and isn’t apologetic about using the perks of his office like any other President.

    • MrDHalen

      Yep, the possibility of brown people benefiting in any way from a white person’s tax dollars and the desire to stop it is what fuels so much of the Republican Party’s existence.

      • D_C_Wilson

        It’s more than that. It’s the idea that a brown person has developed delusions that he deserves to occupy the White House in the first place that drives them crazy.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Remember the first and only rule among republicans is that whatever Obama does, it’s wrong. Last week he was a secret atheist muslim out to destroy Christmas and Christianity. N0w he’s putting on a Christmas display that is too ostentatious.

      If he travels to a summit with other world leaders, he’s wasting taxpayer’s money. If he doesn’t meet with leader X, he’s disrespecting out allies.

      The attacks on the First Lady are particularly vicious. Traditionally, every first lady has adopted a pet cause that was considered non-controversial. Michele Obama isn’t even the first to adopt childhood health as her cause, but she’s the first one to face accusations that she’s part of a government conspiracy to create “food police” that will outlaw cookies and french fries.

  • nicole

    You’re right. It doesn’t fucking matter.

    After doing a little research just for fun……. I turned up this page which was a wiki created in 2008 detailing the WH Christmas decor. hmmm……the page was DELETED on Dec 10, 2011. I smell a cover-up.

    Another page, on the now defunct GWB White House site, states that there were 27 trees from North Carolina alone.

    I could probably find more, but hey, they’ll just make up something else.

    Skanky, lying ass cons.

    • Sam Basan

      The page you are referring is a company wiki page which you probably hacked.
      There are hundreds of wiki sites people like you used to add links contains virus.
      The page you are referring was probably deleted after finding your action.

      • muselet

        Speaking of asshattery …


  • Gern Blandston

    Do you know how many forks the Obamas have in the White House? HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF FORKS! There are only four of them, and most families of four make do with 10 forks, 16 at MOST if they know how to properly host a party. They should be showing solidarity with normal people and do away with those wasteful forks! I’ll bet they could get away with just FOUR forks if they could be bothered to wash them themselves when they were done with them. So simple, really.

    And do you know how much FOOD the Obamas go through at the White House with all of those FORKS? The White House Budget for FOOD must be through the fucking roof! There are only four of them, do they REALLY need all of that FOOD?

    So wasteful. Such a tragedy.

    • JMAshby