We’re Number One!

Good news everyone, one of the fastest trains in the world was launched today. Unfortunately, it wasn't in America.

Despite experiencing a number of issues earlier this year, China launched a new super-rapid test train this past weekend.

The new high-speed train can travel as fast as 500 km/h (about 310 mph), and was made by a subsidiary China's largest train provider CSR Corp Ltd. It launched over the weekend and was created to resemble an ancient Chinese sword. [...]

China's $1T USD high-speed rail bid hopes to build 13,000 km (8,078 miles) of high-speed rail network by 2012, and about 20,000 km (12,427 miles) by 2020.

While China's primary motives for developing high-speed rail include energy-efficiency, economic growth, and convenience, George Will reminds us that the primary motive for promoting high speed rail developement in America is the liberal agenda to collectivize and brain-wash everyone.

Governors John Kasich of Ohio, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and Rick Scott of Florida have all rejected federal funds for high speed rail projects, costing their states thousands of jobs in the process.

Drill baby drill.



    didn’t you watch War of the Worlds? Trains that go fast start on fire! And then, you’re standing there, waiting to cross the tracks, and along comes this train moving at high speed and, and…it’s on fire!

    I am against high speed rail in WI along the Milwaukee-Madison route…not enough ridership, would have ended up being another highly subsidized route, just like the Hiawatha line between Chitcago and Milwaukee. By the way, Walker isn’t against half-fast rail; the Hiawatha line is getting an upgrade, because they donated to him. Maybe if the folks who wanted to build the Milwaukee-Madison line would have donated, he would have approved that project, too.

    Republicans aren’t against trains, per se. But you have to build the RIGHT train, and it has to be built by people who donated to Republicans. It has to look old, be loud, and carry lots of coal from the mines.

    Now, a new high speed rail project on the Eastern seaboard would be a worthy project for everyone. Why isn’t it built yet?

  • Count Agion

    Perhaps we should call it train-washing?

  • morningsky

    Get off the plane in Zurich, get a free luggage cart, go down 3 floors, buy a rail pass for 2 weeks and go anywhere you like for the most part. No car rental, no connecting flight, affordable and no problem.

    • trgahan

      And you Zurich experience is exactly the problem as many “Treat government like a business” right see it. You detail over a dozen actions that someone could be making a 10% profit margin off of providing you. Not to mention making 20% on a “up sell” to get there in style without having to sit with “them.” God Bless Capitalism!

  • Bill Orvis White

    We don’t need socialistic train travel in this country. Public transportation like that is controlled through big, high-taxing gov’t and THE FACT is WE THE PEOPLE don’t need it. Driving our trucks, minivans and SUVs is all American as that cherry pie that my wife bakes up each night. Driving your own vehicle is individualistic-which is one of the key components of BEING AN AMERICAN! Buying oil produced here in the good ole US of A is one of the most patriotic things any Real American can do. Drill here, drill now is one of the smartest things that good folk like Speaker Gingrich and Gov. Palin ever came up with. I love them for that because they annoy the liberal media + folk here on these blogs. And here I go again: There once was a guy named Adolph who liked to pack innocent people onto trains. Doesn’t that scare anyone here on this naive lefty blog? Yep, I’m hearing silence here in my shed BECAUSE I’M RIGHT! Amen, Bill

    • Ned F

      I’m really hoping this is sarcasm.

  • muselet

    The rest of the world has invested in rail travel. China has cut far too many corners in its rush to build high-speed rail, but the country has made a (rational) commitment to building a world-class rail network. But the US can’t because the Right has a conniption every time someone suggests it—this is, as Steve Benen says, why we can’t have nice things.

    George Will needs a new gig, one more appropriate for one of his skills and innate abilities. Perhaps as a crash-test dummy or a footstool.


  • JackDaniel07

    “volcano monitoring hyuk hyuk”

  • morningsky

    Epic fail on the part of America.