Open Thread

A Free Ride

Artist - Jen Sorensen

In other news, Herman Cain officially endorsed "the people" for president today. He has also been selected to deliver the Tea Party's State of the Union response which was given by Michele Bachmann last year.

This is Grifting 101.

Another Clown Car debate will take place tonight on CNN at 8pm EST. We're now left with Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul.

  • joseph2004

    How does accepting an invitation to speak make Herman Cain a “grifter”?

  • OsborneInk

    Tea Party Express has gone out of its way to find AA wind-up toys it can stick in front of America and say “LOOK WE ARE NOT RACISTS!” Before Herman Cain, it was Lloyd Marcus — but he screams closet-queen, even in a cowboy hat, so they’ve kept looking.

    • joseph2004

      So a black man can’t be a conservative without being accused of being an _________?
      Fill in the blank for me.
      Why are you so indignant when a black man makes his own choices?

      • OsborneInk

        Laughing hysterically at your assumptions. Have you *attended* a TPE rally? Do you have any idea of the dissonance level at such an event?

        My critique of Marcus and Cain isn’t about keeping anyone on a plantation. It’s about their hilarious dissonance. “I am one of you” uttered to an all-white crowd? That’s funny, doesn’t matter who you are.

        • joseph2004

          And so who between you and Herman Cain has a better chance at bridging the divide?
          Cain early in his campaign tried very hard to deflect all the inevitable stupid questions about his being black and conservative. Any time you ridicule a black man for being conservative just because he is black… I mean sheesh, can’t you see problem? It was nearly impossible to talk about issues affecting the American people without first having to trudge through all the racist shit, from the Left.
          Even the mainstream media has accepted the idea that “black” and “conservative” needs to be questioned, the implication being a black man does not belong in the Republican party. “Don’t cha get it, buddy? You are in the wrong place,” says the very white David Gregory.

          It’s not surprising you’d suggest that Cain is oblivious. This site spared no opportunity in labeling Cain as “dumb,” a special license it reserves for itself and liberals because, after all, they understand the subtle differences between their racial comments and those of the coded Right.

          Is that what you would tell Cain while he’s addressing a crowd of white supporters? Would you make a special point of interrupting him to “inform” him of the “obvious” contradictions you see in his situation, contradictions only an enlightened liberal like you is trained to see?

          I think Cain would tell you to take a hike and take your racial “observations” with you, and he’d be more than justified in doing so.

          • OsborneInk

            I never questioned his conservatism, I questioned his readiness to be commander-in-chief. I was actually excited about his candidacy because he would have brought the Alan Keyes effect into play. Do you remember Alan Keyes? I don’t look down on him for being conservative, either. I Just don’t think he should be let near any higher public office than dog-catcher. So did 70+% of voters when Keyes ran against Obama. But if you want to bring a conservative culture wind up toy to an Electoral College gunfight, bring. It. On.

            As I keep saying, any of these clowns will do. The advantage of a Cain is that he allows the wingnut to rationalize all manner of psychological dissonance. The disadvantage of a Cain is that he’s incoherent except to that base vote. I have NO PROBLEM with Herman Cain as a contestant on your GOP reality show, understand?

            As I keep saying, pass the popcorn.

  • Bob Rutledge

    Herman Cain officially endorsed “the people” for president today.

    Whothewhat now? Linkage?

    • muselet

      It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but it’s real. Linky. Herman Cain is a very strange man.


      • Bob Rutledge

        Thankee, sir.

        ETA: Whilst the video was playing, my SO came over and looked at the screen. “Why is he talking?” she said, shaking her head.