President Obama

By Order of the President

If you listen to Fox News and the GOP candidates you may believe President Obama is one of the weakest presidents ever on matters of national security. They paint a picture of him as some pacifist appeaser who is eroding America's strength.

Of course that imaginary version of the president is exactly why GOP rebuttals issued after the State of the Union are so weak. The version of the president they have stuck in their heads simply doesn't live up to reality.

In reality, the real President Obama ordered another high-risk yet successful SEAL team operation last night just before appearing before the entire nation to deliver the State of the Union.

While walking onto the House floor to deliver the State of the Union Tuesday night, President Obama told Defense Secretary Leon Panetta "great job tonight." The mysterious comment was caught on camera and by the mic pool.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon and White House explained what the presidential congratulations were all about.

"Last night U.S. Special Operations Forces conducted, by order of the President of the United States, a successful mission in Somalia to rescue two individuals taken hostage on October 25, 2011," Panetta said in a statement Wednesday.

Jessica Buchanan, 32, an American aid worker, and her Danish colleague, Poul Thisted, were both rescued. The two employees of a Danish aid group were kidnapped at gunpoint by a suspected Somali criminal gang in the northern part of the country in October.

The president could have announced this during his speech to great effect, however he chose not to.

Maybe he was just trying to show the Republicans some mercy.

  • ArrogantDemon

    Bush woulda had those rescued hostages in the first lady box, all dirty and suffering to show off. My man, who can take the slings and arrows, is the epitome of classy.

    The right painted this cartoon of Obama that they fervently believe, and when the real Barack Obama comes out, they look real dumb, except to their dumb ass base.

  • Chris

    Considering President Obama helped oversee the takedown and death of Osama bin Laden, nobody from the right should ever, ever, EVER question his strength on national security.

  • jmby

    “Maybe he was just trying to show the Republicans some mercy.”

    Or what true strength is. True strength and character has no need of d–k swinging.

    • incredulous72

      OK! NOW I have a crush on jmby!

      Quote of the day and I’m borrowing! ;-)

  • Not Sayin

    I was so proud of the President last night. You know, I voted for him and I’ve never intended to vote for anyone else. I realize that we live in an amazingly imperfect country but I really feel that he’s done his best to restore some dignity to a job where dignity has been absent for so long.

  • OsborneInk

    The caricature is so far from the reality. Only the true believing wingnut or a dissonant firebagger can actually say “the president is weak” with a straight face.

  • incredulous72

    There I go again . . .

    . . . crushin’ on the President.

    • Churchlady320

      You are not alone!

    • holyreality

      For a disillusioned progressive who suffered disappointment over the last three years, I must admit that I admire, and appreciate the President.

      You could even call it a man crush.

  • gescove

    It’s a rare quality in any person, but especially a politician, not to need to trumpet their feats. Compare to the braggadocio of Bush and his ilk. Our President continues to earn my respect for being a mensch. President Obama is the genuine article.

    • incredulous72

      “Compare to the braggadocio of Bush and his ilk.”

      Who did ABSOLUTELY SQUAT and received all kinds of accolades from his party.

      Thank goodness those days are over.

    • Churchlady320

      Bush trumpeted his fantasies, not his feats. He had none.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      He is a mensch. He’s too cool for school. And like Sullivan says, he’s just badass.

  • trgahan

    I just hope none of those SEALs turns out to be gay. Then I’ll be forced to “boo” everything they have done for us, right South Carolina?