Harry Reid Cancels Vote on Protect IP

Another nail in the coffin for these awful, awful bills.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called off a vote on controversial anti-piracy legislation Friday — the surest sign yet that a wave of online protests have killed SOPA and PIPA for now and maybe forever.

Reid canceled the procedural vote on PIPA scheduled for Tuesday. Meanwhile, in the House, Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), announced plans Friday to put off any consideration of SOPA indefinitely.

This is a huge victory and much of the credit is due to activists utilizing the White House's petition site.

  • muselet

    The key is the title of John Cole’s piece: Temporary Victory on SOPA/PIPA

    Emphasis, obviously, added.

    I hope no one reading this thinks the entertainment megacorporations and their trade associations—MPAA, RIAA—will let this (very bad) idea drop.


    • holyreality

      The price of Liberty is ETERNAL VIGILANCE !

      Contrary to warmongers’ bumperstickers from eight some years ago, pending legislation is the most direct way our government can threaten our freedom, and it takes a constant ear to the figurative ground to watch the process.

      Fortunately we have organizations like Demand Progress who bark like a watchdog, THEN make it easy to contact your legislator to moan, bitch and complain as a constituent/voter.

      Hopefully our constituent voices drown out lobbyist’s free speech dollars.